Ten obstacles to effective communication

There are many reasons for high quality and effective communication becomes difficult. We are all individuals, with different ways of observing the world, different prejudices, goals and vulnerabilities. We often judge what we see and hear based on our own experience and inclinations. However, we should remember that effective communication begins with mutual respect, which is a practice of giving and taking, ideally ending with a better understanding than at the beginning.

When trying to improve and enhance one's communication skills, it is worth considering the following obstacles:

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Lack of concentration from

 – What are you trying to communicate? Are you taking a walk? Are you starting in one direction and moving in the other direction? Leave a message to make your course a straight line.

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Lack of clarity from

 – Do you use the correct words, expressions or examples to portray mental pictures? Did you see them in front of the audience and they got it, are you all on the same page? If there is no audience contact, how fancy your prose is or how interesting your jokes are.

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Lack of specificity from

 – This involves precision and goes further than focus and clarity. So, Lieutenant, you want us to go up the mountain. Which mountain? How many men? In what time frame? Remember: who, what, where, when, why and how.

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Lack of passion from

 – Have you ever heard a speaker say, "We are very excited about this" and have the same belief, as if he is giving a lecture on the treatment of litter? There is no need to be a benefit of Richard Simmons' support for exercise, but enthusiasm does help to improve the energy level between the speaker and the audience.

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Lack of compassion from

 – If you are the boss speaking to your employees, are you measuring your remarks and how do they view your speech and body language and delivery? If you are a doctor who provides bad news to a patient, do you consider the news from the patient's perspective? If not, you definitely should.

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lack of trust from

 – Do you have a general open attitude towards you? Do you maintain a steady eye contact? Is your posture upright and confident? If you don't believe what you said, rest assured that your audience will notice. Trust will disappear. The message will be lost.

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Lack of reinforcement from

 – Remember the old adage: Tell them what you want to tell them; tell them; tell them what you told them. Give them the main takeaway as soon as possible and then strengthen.

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Inappropriate language from

 – Choose your words carefully. Make your point of view fit your audience. Not too much, not too little. And be careful with other inappropriate languages. It can greatly distract your information and turn it off.

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Condescend from

 – Do you like to be spoke by a flamboyant voice? Then don't be a person yourself.

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Show anger from

 – Control your anger and deterioration. There may be very few cases where strategic anger is effective, but in general it may reflect a lack of self-control or respect for others.

Keep in mind that there are several techniques that can improve a person's communication skills, but pay attention to the above potential communication barriers.

Good luck and good communication.

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