The Assassination Review – Is Greg Jacob’s System A Scam?

Are you looking for a review of the online marketing course called The Assassination by Greg Jacobs? This new course includes many tutorials videos which the professional Internet marketer Greg has created to educate his clients on his online business strategy. This is the formula which Greg has created without having any prior lists or contacts to work with.

Today, he has successfully turned this into a full time, 7 figure business where he simply creates and sells digital products for a profit without having to spend much money. Greg has also included a bonus multimedia set with the downloadable package that contains video tutorials, MP3 audios and PDF manual versions of his guides.

What Do Members of The Assassination Course Get By Signing Up?

All members will receive a lifetime access to the software program called Fusion HQ. This piece of software allows all members to create their online business websites quickly and effortlessly without requiring to have any prior coding and technical knowledge. I also get to access the web based networking platform called The Assassins Guild whereby I can quickly find other participants who are experts in other fields to quickly help me launch my business and improve it.

The Creation Process of The Assassination Workshop and Seminars

This online course first started out as intensive seminars which were given to members to teach them product creation and development, traffic generation, list building, product launching and many other skills. It started to come about from Chiang Mai, Thailand during an intensive workshop. In these seminars, there were a couple of experts who were there to help them learn these skills. All participants also had to split into groups whereby they would create their own products and launch them by 1 week’s time.

How Long Does The Assassination Coaching Program Last and What Will You Eventually Learn From It?

This is an 8 week coaching program that would equip you with the skills of digital product creation, salesletter and site creation and finally launching your product successfully in the right way in order to ensure the creation of long term income streams.

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