The Bacchae by Euripides

The Bacchae by Euripides

International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama

The award-winning Israeli director, Yair Sherman, presents Euripides’ Bacchae in a contemporary reading of the play, an exciting directing approach and a highly aesthetic artistic result, in the production that gave him the “Golden Porcupine – Director of the Year”, for 2016.

In Bacchae, one of the most complete and enigmatic plays of world dramaturgy, Dionysus is starring as a humanized god, penetrating as a new force to enforce his own worship. In a game of couplings and transformations, myth and history meet the poetic rebirth, while unexpectedly the tragic, the dramatic and the theatrical element coexist. God Dionysus abolishes the boundaries between people, social order, gender, age, and even the difference between human and divine qualities. The city that denies his existence will experience the power and dominance of God through a mysterious, dark and bloody nightmare.

Translated by Aharon Shabtai
Directed by Yair Sherman
Composer: Eldad Lidor
Set Design: Adam Keller
Costumes: Rona Plotek
Light design/operator: Nadav Barnea
Sound operator: Damian Marin

Dionysus: Nadav Bossem
Teiresias: Uri Avrahami
Cadmus: Avi Pnini
Pentheus: Shai Egozi
Messenger: Ora Meirson
Second Messenger: Eyal Heyne Galli
Agaue: Shiri Golan
Euripides: Nitzan Rotschild

Zohar Meidan,
Aurelle Maor,
Lior Blaus,
Ruth Dannon

▪ With Greek and English surtitles

Tickets sales at:
▪ SOEASY Kiosks in all cities,
▪ Musical Paradise shops,
▪ TIME OUT Kiosk in Paphos,
▪ In N Out Kiosk in Paralimni
and online at

Tickets prices:
€10 │ €5 (Students, Senior Citizens, National Guard, Citizens with unemployment benefits). Free admission to persons with disabilities. Please show proof at ticket gate.

Info: 70002414 │

Performances start at 21:00

Please arrive at the theatre before 20:45

at Paphos Ancient Odeon Amphitheatre
Paphos Mosaics
Paphos, Cyprus



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