The basics of YouTube traffic generation

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The YouTube method you can use to get traffic to your website is to create a video for the popular sharing site, YouTube. YouTube sees about 1 billion users every month, so posting a video on YouTube is almost guaranteed to be visible as long as you use the right keywords.

In this article, we'll explore the process of making a video – and make it professional enough to drive traffic to your site – and the process of selecting keywords and posting them to YouTube.

The first step: making a video

The first thing you have to do is to make a video. What kind of video should you make? You can make any type of video, but keep in mind that your goal is to let people watch the entire video and then want to learn more. You want them to read the instructions and find links, then leave the YouTube website to access your own website.

So this could be an action video. These types of videos are very popular on YouTube, and they are ready to send traffic to your site, because if you provide the video with almost all the information they need, then if they visit your site, they promise it The information will bring traffic.

You don't want to create a video to simply promote your business because people don't want to watch it first, and don't want to visit your site later. However, if you can make a fun or awesome video to evoke emotions and take your business as part of it, then you will be able to get YouTube views and traffic to your website and share.

If you insist on getting traffic without spending money, you will have to create your own video. However, sites like Fiverr can make video production very cheap. If you have to go to DIY, it's not hard to make a video yourself, you may find that you have your talents.

Step 2: Get keywords

The next step we have to take is to get the keywords you will use in the title and tag section of your YouTube video.

Your first priority is to determine if someone is searching for a keyword of your choice. Obviously, keywords such as "money" and "money". Or 'Investment' You don't have to look to see if anyone is searching; you know that millions of people are using search terms. However, without years of effort, you won’t be able to compete for these search terms on YouTube, so the search terms you’re looking for will only do some searches [but still get some searches] and make it easier to compete on YouTube.

You want to use AdWords Keyword Planner [https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner] because it's the number one tool for finding the type of usage your search terms actually get. Just enter your search term and see the estimated monthly traffic for your search terms based on that search term. Now, this won't be the search traffic that the term gets on YouTube, but it will let you know what's popular when searching and not searching.

Go low hanging fruit

One trick is to look for "low hanging fruit." This means creating a keyword for your video that will allow a specific group of people to take action. Usually, the keyword is a longer tail.

The advantage of looking for low cost is that you can capture a more targeted audience and get an easier ranking on YouTube. If you go to a brochure like “Slimming”, it’s almost impossible to rank these days.

There won't be a lot of people searching for longer tail keywords, but at least you will get higher quality viewers.

This is where you can “flush and repeat” this method.

Step 3: Post the video

Finally, your final step is to post the video. You can do this in many different ways, the easiest way to do this is to publish it directly from the video editor.

Of course, you can post it directly on YouTube. If you haven't done any editing, you'll need to export it from the video editor or upload it from the camera, and you'll need to meet certain specifications, such as having the correct file format, following the YouTube's size guide and other considerations.

You can get an idea of ​​what YouTube needs to upload videos by going to the YouTube page and clicking "Upload". Once you've uploaded your video, you can create a title and set a tag. Then you can continue to publish it. It will show up on YouTube and bring traffic to your site soon.

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