The benefits of credit card processing for non-profit organizations

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Almost every company in the United States accepts credit cards. In today's world, most people no longer write checks or have a lot of cash in their wallets to pay for goods and services. Even if the company conducts business to commercial transactions, they are more likely to pay by credit card and get paid. It has good business meaning because it is a faster and simpler way to pay. This is also a better way to track costs. That's why any company has a merchant account and accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express is a smart move, especially since the transaction charges are commercial.

Even small companies with no retail locations, such as pest control, plumbers or mobile dog groomers can accept and swipe cards using special applications for wireless terminals or smartphones. The same is true if the company conducts business over the Internet. no problem! Customers can pay by filling out the form online and clicking a few buttons while purchasing online.

Therefore, the company must have an account with a commercial processing company.

A processing company has gone beyond accepting credit cards because they have a unique plan that gives merchants the opportunity to make a commitment to the charity of their choice without spending any money. Whenever a merchant accepts and processes a credit card from a customer, a portion of the processing fee is donated to a nearby charity that is close to the merchant.

The program has been in existence since 2005, when the company's president found that charities were uniquely positioned by redirecting existing funds rather than creating new ones. In the credit card industry, merchants pay a fee and turn the money they earn from the card into cash. The program collects some of the fees that the merchant has paid and donates it to charity.

Any non-profit organization or foundation can benefit from this generous gift. It may be the local chapter of the spin club, Kiwanis or the US Army. It may be a national cause, such as the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross, or the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Even a small church, a small league or other local non-profit organization can benefit from this generous gift. Every time a participating merchant swipes their card, they get a donation.

Today, nearly 500 non-profit organizations across the country benefit from the merchant's contribution to only accepting customer credit cards.

When a company decides to give a particular charity, there is no cost to move its merchant account, and there is no additional charge for participating in this particular program. The charity only charges a portion of the fee that the merchant has paid, so the money already exists!

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