The best way to bring traffic to your website this year

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You can get a lot of traffic to your website without spending a lot of money. Here are five steps you can take to get free traffic to your site in the next few years. These things are not difficult, but you need to do some work.

In order to get more website traffic, the five things you need to do are:

1. Submit articles to the catalog at least 2 times a week

SEO your website is normal

3. Create a blog that links back to your site

4. Post to the forum

5. Post a blog comment on other blogs that return to your site

Let's discuss these five things in more detail.

1. Submitting an article directory twice a week is a very powerful way to bring traffic back to your website. When you write an article related to the topic of your site, you actually provide a great mechanism to push readers of your article to your site for more information about the topic of the article you submitted. The articles you submit will remain in the catalog for a long time, giving you some real traffic endurance. You should submit at least to the following directory:

One. EzineArticles.com

Bay Articlesphere.com

C. Articlecity.com

d. Articlesbase.com


These directories have good page ranks and Google likes them.

2. Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is another way to ensure that you get a lot of traffic back to your site. The first thing you should do is make sure your meta tag is set up correctly. Make sure your title, description, and keyword tags are targeted to the main keywords you want to optimize your site. Next, make sure your domain name contains the main keywords. Set a title tag for the primary keyword on each page of your site. Your primary keyword should be in the first paragraph of each website page. All images on your site should contain alt tags with primary keywords. Finally, add your targeted keywords to each site page as 2% of the text content.

3. You need to create 2 blogs that link back to your website. These blogs can be created for free on Blogger.com and WordPress.com. For example, Google and other search engines often index blogs on Blogger.com, and when you update your blog, the robot crawls the content and returns to your site by following the link. By submitting your submitted articles to the catalog and then posting them to your blog, you will be able to provide more content to the search engine, and each time you do this, the spider will visit your blog so that all search engines will know you. Have a highly relevant blog, they send traffic to the blog and return to your website. Whenever you post a blog, you'll add another keyword-rich page to your blog and help you attract more visitors to your site.

4. Find the forum for your niche by entering Google" from

Your niche from

 forum. "Then go to these forums and sign up. After you enter the forum, start looking for good discussions and start reading the post. When you post the first comment, you want to add something non-intrusive, like asking a question at the beginning Before you provide suggestions, create about 15 "question posts" in the forum. By providing high quality advice and content, you will get traffic to your website. You can research your topic before the forum comments.

Make sure your site's links are in the forum's signature line so that you can get visitors from the forum and have the search engine return your site to your link and send you more traffic.

Make sure your links are relevant and memorable to the suggestions you provide. You must post comments in frequently selected forums so that members can get to know you well.

5. As with forums, another way to stream traffic back to your site is to post comments on blogs whose topics are related to your niche and site theme. Using the same exercise, you can find these blogs by typing in Google. from

Your niche from

 Blog. "Find about 10 related blogs, then go to them to read content posts related to your niche and website. Make sure to leave a good review so you can find insight in your blog post and link back to your site. Most administrators don't Will approve your comments unless they make sense and add value. Comments such as from

“I am very lucky, I found this web blog, just the correct information I am searching for!” from

  Egypt from

“Very helpful blog. I will follow this blog. Keep up the good work” from

 No value, usually not added to the blog. Let your comments refer to the specific information in the blog post. With some research, you can do this easily.

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