The best way to prevent computer viruses

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Some common tips to protect you from computer viruses

  • Use a standard user account
  • Use the highest user account control settings [UAC]
  • Use anti-virus software with network security
  • Enable automatic update of Java
  • Keep your Windows up to date
  • Use Windows EMET [Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit]

Use a standard user account

Now first make sure that the user account you use every day is a standard account, not an administrator account. These days most computer viruses are the cause, especially once there is no user interaction with the drive. It really needs you to be an administrator to work properly.

So if you're just a standard user and you don't have admin rights, then this is not a big deal. Then this means that the virus cannot be installed by itself. Or if it is, it means it can't be easily hidden in the system file. Therefore, if you have an antivirus program, it is much easier to remove any viruses.

So what you basically do is have an administrator account that you created separately. And set it as a standard account. If you must perform an action that requires administrator privileges, you only need to enter your password. So this is definitely my recommendation. And many people might say, "All of this is too painful. I don't need it." But it is really beneficial. Because this will specifically protect you from computer viruses.

User Account Control Settings [UAC]

You should have the highest user account control settings. This is a bit annoying. But it definitely helps to prevent computer viruses from doing things and install them yourself when you don't know. So if you are running PDF or other content. Then suddenly, you pop up a pop-up from the user control stating that something is trying to modify the system file. You can deny this.

However, if you don't set it up, it might try to install it yourself. You don't even know it. So this is definitely something more annoying you should do. But definitely, if you want to stay safe on your computer, you need to do something.

Use network security antivirus

This may become obvious but anti-virus, especially anti-virus with web protection. The reason for this is to block your access to computer viruses. You don't know where it is. First of all, for example ESET NOD32, I like it when you go to a website that may have a virus. If you click it will stop you from going completely. And now you don't have to worry about it.

So I definitely think that having an anti-virus software is a good thing. Most people say, "Oh… this is common sense." Ok, sometimes you can't afford it. You go to Google to search for something. Then you went to a compromised website. You do not know. Just click and throw Google. You want to provide some kind of anti-virus for these situations. You don't know where you are even engaged in any risky behavior.

Java security settings

This is a very common software. You will see a lot of computers. But many times there are new flaws that are impeccable. So you have to make sure it's really up to date. What I have to do is make sure that you have enabled the daily update check and enable "Notify me before installation". Therefore, it will not automatically download and notify you before downloading.

This way, whenever the update is ready, you just click on it and confirm the installation. As far as I know, it won't update automatically. Now, the real reason you want to check for updates every day is a zero-day attack.

Keep your Windows up to date

I think this is obvious, but I really need to include content that automatically updates Windows. I am thinking of Windows 10, you have to enable it. But just make sure you enable security updates and don't offer quotes that take too long. Because there are important updates there. It will prevent exploits from exploiting such things. Keeping Windows updates is critical.

Windows EMET [Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit]

Finally, I want to talk about a very cool program called Windows EMET [Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit]. This is actually developed by Microsoft. Basically, doing so can prevent attacks. Now, what program you downloaded, it will run and monitor all the programs you have set up, and there is a default list. I think there are a lot of things like Acrobat, Microsoft Word.

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Then it has all these different vulnerabilities and knows. If the program tries to run a file with one of these vulnerabilities, it will block it. So many times you will hear people say "Don't open a PDF from an unknown email." Because you don't think it is a virus, but it can have an attack. This is not a real virus program. But they use conventional legal software to install themselves as a virus. It's not like exe or anything. So I definitely recommend this app.

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