The difference between commercial roof and residential roof

Do you know that the roof of a house or building has a huge impact on the entire building itself? Damage to the roof caused by natural disasters or other disasters has caused serious damage to property. The materials used to build the roof should be strong and durable, and the way the roof is installed and the timely maintenance are important. There are two types of roofs on all buildings seen around us: commercial and residential. Although it seems that commercial roofs can only be used for business or office, residential roofs are done for apartments and homes, but the difference is actually much more complicated.

  1. Residential roofs are usually completed by only one rented contractor, but commercial roofs usually require the entire team to complete the work. This is because commercial roofs tend to be larger in square feet than residential roofs.
  2. Commercial roofs need to be carefully considered, keeping in mind the nature and use of the building. For example, if there is a restaurant in the building, external components such as ventilation systems, chimneys and pipes are required. Residential roofs usually have no other components or up to two than the chimney.
  3. The design of commercial roofs tends to be flat to accommodate further changes in the later stages, while most residential roofs have peaks and other architectural features, such as roof gardens.
  4. Commercial roofs are much more expensive than residential roofs because of the special tools, materials and safety equipment required on site. Typically, repair or maintenance work is done in sections, unlike residential roofs, which can be repaired or replaced in a short period of time. This is another reason why equipment for residential roofs is generally smaller and cheaper.
  5. Commercial roof installations take longer to complete than residential roof installations and are typically built in large sections. However, at this stage, it is important to ensure that there are no leaks, cracks or any other visible signs of wear and tear as it can cause considerable damage to the entire building.

Depending on the purpose, it is important to install a suitable roof for the building. Make sure you hire a construction company that uses top-quality materials and has the right equipment, or your investment may suffer huge losses in the future.

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