The difference between spyware and tracking cookies

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It often happens that when someone starts typing on a computer, the sentence appears before he finishes. In fact, these are tracking cookies, which remember usernames and other information. But we recommend that we do not use tracking to remember our password. Tracking is not a hidden program because you can stop using tracking.

On the other hand, spyware is a hidden programming that completely erases our data without our permission and information. It may be used to steal our private information, it can use our identity, but all of this is done without our knowledge, it can transfer our data to someone in the background for marketing or advertising. purpose. It's not designed to destroy or destroy your computer, it can attack your private data. Its main goal is to use your data for marketing and advertising.

Windows can even get viruses from any source via flash or USB, but spyware can be imported into our system from a specific source, ie when installing corrupted or unauthenticated files, when using pop-ups, etc., you must understand all of this. Resources.

In order to prevent spyware, we must run cleanup work on our computers; they will help scan for spyware. We can also download XoftspySE free software scans. It will help you get information, whether or not spyware will attack your computer.

If multiple users are using your computer at the time, you want to hide data from others. In this case, you can clean up your private data by deleting the browsing history under the General tab. There are also cleaning software available to clear your private data before others see or use it.

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