The Downside Of Being A Game Tester

Opposite to what everybody thinks, existence a game tester is not quite an easy thing to do. The concept of earning good funds by doing nothing more than playing some games is exciting to hear of at the outset, but it could become a very taxing thing to do as time goes on.

A game tester's job profile is to play a game either whole or a part of it, as the case may be and then to review the game as it is. The points to be considered for the review must be about the playability of the game, the interest level it maintains throughout the game play, the flaws in the game if any and general observations. So, a routine gamer who is only interested in completing levels and attempting to find out what happens at the next stage may not be fit to be a game tester.

First and foremost, a game tester needs to be alert while playing the game. It won't do if the tester just keeps on playing the game and ignores what is going on in the game. There must be an eye for detail. In each frame, the graphics must be observed and if there are any faults, a cautious report of it must be done. It is difficult to pinpoint a special graphic in a game, so the game tester must have some skill of description. In addition, it becomes quite irritating sometimes to pause the game, take the writing pad in hand and jot down the flaw as it appears. If the game tester waits till the level to finish to put down all the faults together, chances are that he or she will forget to mention all of them.

Other thing that bothers game tester is the deadlines. Each game needs to be completed within a set period of time. Occasionally the games can be too difficult to play, specially if the games are from an unfamiliar genre. Also, since the games are not yet released, there would be no cheat codes and walkthroughs known. Some employers do send cheat codes with the game CDs, but that may not always be the case.

Game testers are not able to select what games they want to test in most cases. So, one may end up having to test a game from a genre which he or she does not like at all. If that happens, then the whole testing process could be quite frustrating.

In short, it is exciting to become a game tester and gain good funds as all the adverts claim, but it should be borne that this is a profession like any other. There are things to be done at the right time, and they do want a professional approach. If you keep all that in mind, then becoming a game tester could be right for you.

Sean has minutely observed all the ups and downs of being a Game Tester . He is in this profession for over three years now. He has many more such reviews to make to the population. You can visit his site for more articles. Visit the link given below:


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