The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity Wednesday July 26 to August 30 (6-weeks) from 7 to 9p.m. Facilitated by: John Kell and Jody A. Ruth This class is virtual. Imagine sitting in the lap of your favorite grandparent and learning the secrets to a magnificent, abundant life. Catherine Ponder writes in such a loving gentle way. The secrets she reveals are not secrets at all but universal truths for health, love, success and peace. As she explores these dynamic laws of prosperity she shares actual success stories to help those of us who are uncertain. There is no flowery prose here. Just plenty of practical advice for using Divine power to overcome difficulties and achieve happiness. Everyone can benefit from this book.First published in 1962, and revised and updated by the author in 1985, THE DYNAMIC LAWS OF PROSPERITY presents basic laws of prosperity in clear language for the modern reader. FROM THE AUTHOR:"During my first year in the ministry, one of the most severe business recessions since WWII hit this country. Members of my congregation began asking for lectures on ways to survive this difficult period. It was then that these dynamic laws of prosperity began to take form. And, with breathtaking rapidity, these ideas worked — for all types of people!" ___________________ This book club will be held virtually so a broadband connection and a camera and microphone on your laptop, iPad or smartphone will be necessary. The GotoMeeting software is free to download. Registration for this program is free, but participants will be tithing of their time, talent and treasure. The Unity of Fairfax bookstore expects to recieve copies of the book soon. A week before the first class, we will send an outline with assigned chapters for each class. Be prepared to discuss the designated chapters for the first class. For questions, please contact Jody Ruth or John Kell at mail to:

at Unity of Fairfax
2854 Hunter Mill Rd
Oakton, United States



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