The Easiest Way To Recover Deleted Or Lost Data From Your Android Phone

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    • avatar Dr.Fone 1

      Finally you are back.

      • avatar Demli Çay 1

        ty Brother finaly i can save my actidently removed games <3

        • avatar Somorty 1

          which phone you used in this video

          • avatar Tanveer Ahammad 1

            please do a what's on my phone video in your galaxy s7

            • avatar Tanveer Ahammad 1

              which launcher you are using

              • avatar Sanket Billade 1

                long time no see🙋🙋🙋

                • avatar ahmed hassan 1

                  developer options

                  • avatar Abhik Sidhu 0

                    Hey….wt launcher u using?…..😉😉😉😃😃😃😃

                    • avatar Syamin Jaib 2

                      Yeah .. can u you do about vpn … i want to know the great app for vpn ..

                      • avatar John Thimakis 1

                        Great information.
                        I've never needed to use this to date but if ever do it will be invaluable.

                        • avatar Kaushal Joshi 1

                          Finally ComeBack !
                          Bro Hardik, I need your help ….

                          • avatar Rohit Gaur 0

                            man wallpeper link please

                            • avatar The Andro Boy 1

                              At last my lovely brother is back on the power of android devices!!

                              • avatar Gaurav Jweller 1

                                nice upload

                                • avatar naveen 005 1

                                  I need that desktop wallpaper

                                  • avatar Mohak shrivastava 2

                                    Hey great video but could u do a video about getting free Internet or free talktime

                                    • avatar Gamerz AMD 1

                                      Long time no see bro ???

                                      • avatar TomQ Biceps 0

                                        long time

                                        • avatar Jay Mehta 2

                                          wallpaper link plzz

                                          • avatar Ayush Gupta 1

                                            if i lost my data 1 years before nd formated my phn 2 times after that data lost should i recover it..