The evolution of green real estate

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Over the years, the ideology of buyers in the real estate industry has undergone tremendous changes. All they need is environmental or environmental features and the facilities they need. Some environmental features are:

Use of renewable energy


The current market trend is the demand for environmental protection industry. The use of solar energy in water heating equipment, air conditioners and inverters can attract many buyers. This energy can reduce their electronic bills.

Rainwater collector


Rainwater harvesting is an effective way to store rainwater for home use. By using this method in our homes, large-scale water shortages can be reduced.

Use wooden furniture


Consumers are considering using organic materials such as wood and bamboo for interior furniture. Plywood made from sawdust and window treatment, including bamboo tones, is some of the organic design of the green attributes. Wooden furniture adds warmth, richness, comfort and sophistication to the family area.

Natural landscape


This is one of the important factors in green real estate. The characteristics of native plants and trees that grow in the surrounding environment have many needs among consumers. A property with artificial turf requires a large supply of water, while native plants and trees only need seasonal rainfall to grow. Naturally growing trees and plants can save a lot of water.

Environmentally friendly internal insulation


Home interior insulation is necessary as it affects room temperature. The use of wood chips, cotton, small broken stones and stones, newspapers, and cellulose-insulated environmentally friendly insulation can reduce noise and greenhouse gas emissions. Natural insulating materials have a lower energy representation and are completely disposable/recyclable at the end of their life.

Due to the increasing demand for green real estate, many companies have begun to promote their properties as environmentally friendly homes. Buyers are increasingly concerned about the use of energy efficient products and systems in their homes. Many financial institutions and private companies are investing huge amounts of money in green real estate to predict future demand. According to government policy, investors investing in the industry pay less taxes than investments in the business sector. Green buildings are becoming more and more popular, and in the long run, the construction of such buildings has always been a huge challenge. Green buildings are building new industry channels and increasing the talent of architects, environmentalists and suppliers.

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