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Blogging works at a place of creativity and marketing. To make it a career, it’s best to first stop and breath. Then start setting goals. Don’t know what goals to set? How about making money by day 30? I’ve done it, and you can to. The blogging career is evolving, and the power of social media is putting millions, if not billions, of web pages onto reader’s screens. This means there is a vast opportunity for profit, and fun. This guide shows you not only how to make money by day 30, but how to have fun doing it!

Fun First – Let’s Get Creative

First, of course blogging can be fun. It’s meant to be fun. Designing web pages easily, bringing thousands if not millions of readers to your pages. The online world isn’t new, nor will it go away soon. It evolves, more or less, and the blogger is at the head of the movement. So many bloggers look at this as only a business. Profit is good, but so is fun. Be creative with your articles. Post on obscure topics. Write on multiple blogs. Publish articles that don’t fit in anywhere else. In short, write what you want.

Profit Next – Let’s Set Goals

Then start getting serious about making money from your blog. Then find the ways and means to make blogging cash. It’s a work from home career in action, but first you need to start learning blogging mechanics and where the profit will come from. For every blog, there is not one, or two, sometimes not even a hundred, but often thousands of companies who need to get exposure for their products. The reality is the blogging movement is one of the best informal ways to post ads. You can do it with social media.

Social Media Now – It’s a Business

Social media is a profitable business. It used to be called Web 2.0. What it means is usability, and for the blogger it means having the ability to reach millions with the click of a mouse and the push of a key. Social media too is evolving. More and more paid blogging sites are tapping into the blogging world. I’ve made thousands of dollars on paid blogging sites, including Blogitive, Pay Per Post, Loud Launch, and Blogging Ads. This goes back to the theory that blogging demand, even with millions of blogs, is still high. That in turns means career minded bloggers may have the advantage over the poor novelists of the world. There are no ands, ifs, or buts about it. Blogs can and do turn a profit much more than many other creative writing fields.

Career Last – This is the Reality

If you want to make blogging a career, start thinking in terms of blogging cash and the whole make money online element. Start selling ads. Set weekly goals for blogging profit. For instance, if you’re on day 30 of your blog, maybe $ 100 a week. Then, on day 90, you earn $ 300 a week. I’ve done it, mostly using paid advertising. The blog is still evolving, and there will be many more ways for bloggers to write advertisements for companies. There are new paid ad sites coming online, while regular ads from venders like Google are turning consistent profits for even beginning bloggers. It can be a career, a fun and rewarding job working from home. But it’s not easy, so make sure to set goals and utilize social media to its fullest. And when the next blogging revolution occurs, be ready.

As a web marketer, I can tell you the next big movement on the web is social media. You can’t ignore the details included in this ebook called Power Social Media Marketing. I give it my highest recommendation for both internet professionals and newbies trying to Make Money Online.

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