1. Nick Leeds Nick Leeds

    Where exactly is this well paid coarse you speak of.

  2. shahiduzzaman foysal shahiduzzaman foysal

    time loss you have nothing to learn from you

  3. dark flux dark flux

    lame. if time is money, i'd rather spend time than money. it is more freely available…

  4. gman221 gman221

    chode face.

  5. jazzy scroller jazzy scroller

    He has really good tutorials but he is wrong about few months. You can do it within 2-3 days at least if you have worked on other languages before. Really PHP is very easy . Just start playing with the code and I promise learning while playing with code is fastest way to learn.

  6. Barbudo Barbudo

    Is his course as prolix as he is? If he cuts the unnecessary icing, this video would be 2 minutes long.

  7. Reign Westry Reign Westry

    great videos John, as a new developer I find myself constantly scrambling to better my skills to a professional level… Now, I have designed several sites for friends and family, but i can not seem to find actual clients or resources to gain what need to find to meet the requirements for actual jobs… Currently, I am a college student that has designed and developed a few sites. But, I can not seem to design the right portfolio or gain a mentor.. Do you hfave any advise

  8. vincent huret vincent huret

    Good day sir john in this video you had ask the viewer which is me and my answer is i can learn it because you believe in me and so i believe in you,and i would like to say is that i was like you who want to hack even when i was not used to do practice programming i used to hacked games using other program and since i found someone like you who are sharing your knowledge to the world and i guess this is it my dream job of course programming for free and i will do it like it is my whole life thanks sir john

  9. David Heliop David Heliop

    Your course has been such a help to me. I have tried a lot of courses and they were to complicated to follow 🙁 The price though for your course is to low in my opinion. High quality video and audio and up to date information is priceless especially if you were working on closing a big job. I can really start to input php now and understand the physics of it. I look forward to more of your teachings in the future. 5 Stars 🙂 Thanks John, a new fan 🙂

  10. asd qwe asd qwe

    PHP? Stop it!

  11. thy nguyen thy nguyen

    Has anyone tried this guy's course? Is it as good as he claims?

  12. Grant Davis Grant Davis

    Thanks John!

  13. Sobeida Lagrange Sobeida Lagrange

    Agree, having a mentor is the best!!!


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