The fax receiver device allows the fax documents you receive to arrive at your email inbox

Are you wasting spam and favorite time on paper and spam to view them? Fax receiving devices can help you save money and speed up your workflow.

The era of fax machines is coming to an end, but not so fast. The fax machine is still used to receive fax orders or requests from customers.

The fax receiving device does not need to maintain the entire PC with the virus check program. It needs to replace the uninterruptible power supply and other support costs every few years. Instead, it directly connects to the telephone line and Ethernet to directly convert the incoming fax. Send it as a PDF email to the mail server's mailbox.

Fax receiving devices can significantly reduce direct waste and typically achieve a return on investment in less than a year. This is based on about 20 spam faxes per day @0.08 cents per page, 365 days a year, and a direct savings of $584 per device.

The indirect savings that personnel no longer look for and evaluate fax machine advertisements may be higher.

The workflow is faster because there is no longer a need to collect documents from the machine, but instead arrive at the administrator's email inbox. The email server can be set up to replicate multiple people, so you can receive emails on the go.

Fax devices can be placed more securely in a phone or computer room, away from everyday danger or malice.

Each page is an attachment in an email that can be easily redistributed or used to enter other applications.

Since there are no moving parts to be maintained or paper to be supplied, the device's very low power consumption and high reliability are further saved. On average, only 20% of the business communication in electronic format is actually printed, which further saves costs.

Unless you change the email server address, the one-time setup of the fax machine will run for a lifetime without maintenance. The parameters are permanently stored in flash memory and the power-up sequence is less than 10 seconds. Remote management via Telnet with login and password protection for management in any network environment such as Windows®, Unix® or Apple®.

Fax-receiving devices are readily available, independent of operating system upgrades, PC-based virus check programs, or multifunction copier-based fax solutions that require maintenance and high power. The fax receiver device is the most cost-effective solution when your company primarily receives faxes and does not want to route fax lines to each copier/printer.

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