The Future of Video Marketing

The last decade has seen a constant increase in the number of Internet users all over the world. In North America alone, there were more than 300 million going online as of 2008, a 132.5% increase from year 2000 according to a world Internet usage survey by the Internet World Stats. This translates to over 70% penetration for consumer opportunities. Over the past years, more and more companies have started incorporating online promotions into their business marketing plans with more than half of marketing budgets spent for the Internet.

Increasing prevalence of online video ads

It’s only understandable that Internet marketing would grow beyond the use of mere images and text content. These days, the use of videos to promote products and services is fast gaining popularity. Marketers are starting to tap into the potential of online video ads as effective promotional vehicles. Video marketing is a new strategy but it is showing a lot of promise.

Advertisers now use online videos to reach their target audience. And based on surveys, this ad format appears to be more effective than other online promotional tools when it comes to presenting a clear message.

Consumer perception of video campaigns

Studies by Dynamic Logic suggest that consumers are now more receptive to video marketing campaigns. Originally, advertisers simply transferred their TV commercials on the Internet but soon they started seeing the importance of creating more compelling clips that are specifically made for the online medium, leveraging its influence and power to entice sales conversions.

In a survey on the effectiveness of video campaigns by the Feed Company, it was found that majority of its respondents where pleased with the results of this marketing strategy, with brand engagement being one of its prime benefits. According to many companies, online video advertising has resulted to as much as a 40% increase in sales for various products and services.

New technologies for video marketing

Videos are engaging and that makes them effective in getting a user’s attention. The development of the latest technologies such as faster Internet connections, new image production and editing techniques, and more advanced software has allowed video clips published online to play instantly and offer high-quality sound and images.

Related applications for video marketing

Video marketing now figures as an indispensable tool in various online promotional efforts including sales presentations, product demos and press briefings. It is also now popularly used for internal communications and even for recruitment.

The thing about video marketing is it continues to be more cost-effective as the expenses incurred for producing and sharing videos on the Internet become even lower as technologies develop.

Suffice to say, online video marketing is definitely here to stay. In the coming years, more advertisers will warm up to the idea of incorporating the strategy into their campaigns. Websites will use videos as one of the most important elements that will make their own pages stand out from competing brands and products. With search engines such as Google developing a universal search method, even videos will become crucial tools for establishing online popularity through search engine marketing.

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