The good news of some people is not good news for everyone.

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Every piece of happy information can be seen everywhere. The moment of celebration has their share of instant despair. this is life.

Jubilant hopes of sharing pregnancy and new life have had a serious impact on people who have miscarriages, stillbirths or infertility. In the loss of new life, how profound the pain is, it cannot be rationalized. This hope will not disappear and will never be realized.

Good news for some people is not good news for everyone.

When parents praise academic talent when they receive scholarships, they remind their parents of a special need parent who will have a child who will never achieve this goal. Parents with special needs will face a sorrow that will never disappear, because their loss will be repeated every day. The same is true for parents with teenagers or young adults.

There is a shame at the same time as joy.

However, the paradox of life reappears: those who struggle in the early stages of life tend to prosper later, and those who prosper early tend to struggle later. Few people spend their lives without struggle.

At that time, when you were single and a good friend told you the good news about their engagement and marriage, you couldn't help feeling lonely at that moment. Something deep inside a person can make this news dissatisfied because they know that this relationship will change dramatically, and that married friends often don’t seem to know it at all, and even resent their single friend can’t accept change. And move on.

For divorced people, any successful reminder can remind them. Family members are likely to remind them that they cannot be erased when they fail. However, they are fully aware of "success". The family doesn't always look like they look, because everyone has a shack in the closet. People only expose this exposure, and this exposure is sometimes a proper journey of courage growth. Like those who have annoying family dynamics, they do the same when other families get along well. There is a sadness that can be touched. Separated families often face the grief of life without loved ones, and when it is beyond your control, it gets worse.

Declaring a position in a company or board or school, this position is often coveted and passed on to others. When we also experience the joy of others in such news, part of the disappointment may be the shock of hearing the news.

When everyone else is celebrating, it will be isolated, and you are shocked by the news you didn't expect.

When we move an elderly parent into an aged care facility, parents' lives will be sad, but those who lost their parents before age may have different opinions. They may think quietly, um, at least you have been 20 years old; I have not. ' No courtesy, only reality.

When someone can't get rid of their sorrow or trauma, the opposite is the opposite. Some people tend to give some advice to these people, and they are more active, count your blessings, or provide some funny clichés. Of course, all of this is flat, because this advice comes from a poorly commented person. The fact of evidence is the location of the mind, providing advice to those who have exhausted all simple solutions. In the case of too much complexity, the recommendation does not work well.

When someone's relationship is popular, and your people are going to the bathroom, or they are waiting and conniving, you are a sea of ​​abuse or neglect, no horizon.

Good news for some people is not good news for everyone.

What is important in this joke is to recognize the feeling of disappointment in our celebrations, rather than immediately succumbing to guilt or shame, but to legalize them and give them a place for feelings.

We feel our feelings and feel that purity is respected.

Feeling tells us who we are, and God gives us a reason.

God wants us to feel it.

The opportunity for us to share good news is to scan a wider range of people around us to predict their impact. Of course, we are not responsible for how people change, but we can be friendly with the way we share. We can anticipate the disappointment of others, even if we are ecstatic and legalize another true melting process to build the depth of trust.

Disappointment is ok, better is to admit it, we just try not to stay there.

However, in all of this, the Lord is the person who is deprived of his rights, the abandoned, the outside, the lonely. He is with us in all our adversity.

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