The Google Android Revolution

All hail the open-source revolution. In the five years since its inception, Google Android, and its open-source approach to Android development and Android App development, has revolutionized the Smartphone world.

Buzz for the Android operating system was slow. The first model dubbed the G1, released in October 2008, took some time to acclimate itself into the periphery of users already hooked to the iPhone. So now, five years – and a whole host of new phones – later, things have changed.

Android development and Android App development have become huge components in the success of the platform. By allowing the software to be modified and distributed between manufacturers, carriers and Android developers of all kinds, Google Android has now become the most widely used Smartphone platform – and they aren’t even making a profit from it.

The Android Market has become a community where Android Development, Android App development and Android developers can convene to promote and sell their products, but also continue to revolutionize the ever-evolving mobile and Smartphone landscape.

Android developers not only have a place to distribute their Android apps instantly, the plethora of varying distribution for Android development platforms to choose from – from Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich to Honeycomb and Gingerbread. (Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?!). The introduction of Google Play further enhances the possibilities of an already endless mobile platform. Pre installed on hundreds of millions of devices, Android developers – both new and old – can join a community that continues to innovate, grow and learn together.

The explosion of Google Android on the Smartphone market has altered the way we interact, share our lives and discover the Web. When looking at the numbers, it’s easy to see just how far both Android and apps have come. In the last year, Android apps have shared an internet usage increase of 8% – from 73% to 81%. The quick-and-easy ability to place your Apps onto the marketplace plays a pivotal role in the over 103.9 apps added daily, which goes to show just how much the mobile and tablet app world is thriving. With app markets growing exponentially, you as an Android developer, developing Android apps, can reach untapped users every day. And with Android development tools being at your fingertips, you’ll be able to maintain your success by updating your app regularly, making more than one app, and, making sure your app continues to improve.

As the Android development revolution continues. Don’t be left behind. Also the Ipad development resembles for growing technology of Iphone development.

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