The greatest political challenge of today: make it a personal, not a political one!

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Many political observers, from casuals to people with specialized disciplines in the field [for possession, to a certain degree of political and historical perspective], question why, the current period seems to be different from recent memories! This feeling stems from a comprehensive examination of various factors, including the rhetoric/satire tone, emphasizing polarization, not unity, and opposition/confrontation, attitude, not only so many people, but also with their own opinions [this is to some extent It is normal, but it sees that they believe that they are also entitled to their own facts and are reluctant to seek a meeting and reach a certain level of commonality. With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, review and discuss some of the inherently dangerous examples when our political differences become very personal when our country!

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 Whether you use, participate, or even review/read/read, you may have observed that when it comes to political positions and opinions, discussion is almost always far beyond political discussion, with various concerns, etc. And always start to talk, this is unexpectedly personal! At one end of the political spectrum, one puts forward a point of view. He thinks this view is important, and it is important that those who have different opinions often transcend and disagree, but start to call someone, name or citation. , review and rebuttal, the so-called facts. Because of the polarization of President Donald Trump, and his tendency to quote, support his agenda and anything demeaning, any disagree/different person, his supporters begin to feel tempted, and similarly, continue and not willing Maintain, open mind. Below/until, people on both sides of the spectrum, avoiding personal attacks, sticking to the facts, seeking viable, relevant, sustainable solutions, this may get worse!

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Today, compared to the past: from

 President Trump uses rhetoric to inspire and motivate his core supporters, many of whom refer to the past and how many people think it is great. When a person uses a slogan to make the United States great again, not an inference, should we try to go back to the past instead of looking ahead, to the future, and the possibilities? If our political leaders behave more like, Chris Matthews, in his book, talked about O'Neill and Ronald Reagan, they are political enemies during the day, not social friends, mutual respect, after work ?

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Attacks on the press: from

 This country is based on many principles and freedoms, nevertheless, more important and more important than the needs and rights of free publishing houses. When the president regards the media as the enemy of the people, does not object to it, the concept of mutual respect, and the different rights in politics, while respecting the rights of those you disagree with?

These are just some of the current problems, they maintain our country by expanding the rigor of individuals, rather than maintaining professional and problem-oriented issues. Don't complain about political leaders, but let them be responsible for their actions and speech!

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