The History (and the Future) of Software

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    • avatar deckard163 2

      since when is data entry, programming?

      • avatar Matt Spergel 1

        No one should be listening to this guy. He is out of legal duty as a board member at the CHM. He's part of an institutional cover up there:

        • avatar Cory Crow 1

          That shirt looks very soft.

          • avatar Austin Onyeche Jr. 2

            Mind… officially blown.

            • avatar shaurz 1

              The woman aren't there because they were replaced by automation.

              • avatar Benjamin Walker 1

                "outsourcing my brain to my smartphone"


                • avatar beenbeen 2

                  Was looking for the history of programming languages and techniques, but this was very interesting and I enjoyed watching it

                  • avatar Srikanth Sri 2

                    great lecture and nicely told

                    • avatar Hussell James 1

                      Very interesting, could have lived without the SWJ pandering over the lack of women historically involved in, well…history. The way college kids & academia can invert reality…hopefully some of that translates over to the software world. Thx

                      • avatar Aleksandr Azimbaev 0

                        Thank's for this amazing video

                        • avatar teddy toto 2

                          Brilliant talk!

                          • avatar sarbot alsharmoot 1

                            I've been misleaded by the title, 15 minutes into this and all I hear is how women did the first this and the second that! Who fucking cares man!!! By the sweet cock of Jacob Just talk about the subject dude!

                            • avatar lordfabri 2

                              Grady Booch one of the greatest scientists of our epoch

                              • avatar Bryon Lape 1

                                Can't say I can fully agree about his OS comments. The reason I don't switch fully to Linux from Mac is the software I need to run is not available on Linux. For me, it is a technical challenge, though I suppose one could argue it is an economic one for the companies who write the applications.

                                • avatar Bryon Lape 1

                                  Oh crap…he has a picture for The Farce. Now I have to vote it down…..arg…..