The ideal quality developed through the visual arts program

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There are some good and related exercises or qualities that a high school student studying a visual arts program is expected to cultivate. Some of these qualities are discussed below.

1. Resourcefulness:

  Resource-rich people can take advantage of the resources available in their environment to achieve greater goals. Through the Visual Arts program, students will receive training on how to rely on the art tools, materials and equipment available in their environment to produce creative and useful products. They learn to understand the need for self-sufficiency. Even if resources are scarce, they rely on a small number of artifacts that can be used to produce social needs.

2. Practice orientation:

  The Visual Arts curriculum is basically the foundation, thus helping learners acquire the practical skills needed to solve most of the challenges facing the job market today. These practices also help to exercise and stay healthy.

3. Good citizens:

  Visual artists are trained to create works of art for his or her society and the country as a whole. This helps the artist to exercise his civil rights and responsibilities and make him a good citizen.

4. Imaginative:

  A visual arts student is considered imaginative and can generate many new ideas from his environment through living and inanimate objects.

5. Observer:

  In order for the artist to accurately depict the landscape, he must observe. He is expected to produce works of art to convey his observations to the public. He should be alert to changes in the environment so that he can clearly communicate it in his work.

6. Manageable:

  Through art planning and organizational practical skills, you can meet the needs of managing your personal resources to achieve the best satisfaction in your life. By applying these skills to his personal resources, learners can better manage his or her resources.

7. Scientific and technical knowledge:

  Learners receive training on how to apply scientific knowledge in their lives. This is because learners use tools, materials and processes. He uses basic science knowledge in the use, handling and care.

The learner also applies technical knowledge to the production of his artifacts. This enabled him to produce his artifacts at a faster rate and in larger quantities. Learners will learn how to use modern technology tools and machines for artistic creation.

8. Peace:

  The skills needed to build healthy families and relationships are reflected in art activities. Designed contrast elements, such as lines, shapes, textures, etc., can be well organized into pleasant relationships. This allows learners to get along with people of different cultures.

9. Creativity:

  Students are expected to develop the ability to bring new things. This can be achieved by organizing and exploring art materials, tools and techniques to achieve a variety of effects. In addition, when learners participate in systematic problem-solving activities [such as identifying, selecting, writing, and analyzing ideas for creating artifacts], creative thinking is formed.

10. Be sociable:

  Students are expected to be friendly with people who interact with him/her in society. This can be achieved if students participate in recreational activities such as art exhibitions, galleries, museums, national parks, etc.

11. Appreciate:

  Students should appreciate the cultural heritage of this country. This can be achieved by acquiring knowledge of art history, appreciating and criticizing artifacts. These activities will help students understand the meaning and use of art in order to appreciate them better.

12. Self-discipline:

  Preliminary design and planning are of particular importance in visual art projects. This quality is very important because it helps the artist stay true and always meet the deadlines for completing projects and appointments.

13. Patience:

  The visual arts program emphasizes the need for tolerance and long-term suffering. By carefully organizing the accurate depiction of art forms and works of art, learners develop a wait-and-see attitude or patience. This helps him cope with the stress and tension of life.

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