The importance of effective communication skills

This article may be called "not no, but to do." After all, isn't this the idea of ​​most people? The popular idea is to communicate effectively, but get up and do it? In this regard, people should hear loud voices, mistakes!! The reality is that most of us are not as good as we think. We have a lot to learn, but we are not alone. We just need to realize that we can all be better communicators. This is very important.

How important are these skills

Recently, someone wrote that “effective communication is the most important of all life skills.” More importantly, “it is not only an important skill, it is also an important skill for personal and professional success” [Communication Skills, 2017] ]. According to the National University and Employers Association, employers have good communication skills that are critical to technical skills. [National University and Employers Association, 2016].

This importance in a career cannot be underestimated. One author claims; “No matter which industry you work in, the ability to communicate effectively with superiors, universities and employees is essential” [Doyle, 2017]. Good communication skills will enable you to get hired, land promotion, and success through your career.

Good military communication

This is the case with the Air Force. I remember that in 1979, as a young officer, I was completing the squadron officer school. Of course, the biggest focus in the course seems to be to develop effective communication skills. I can't imagine that it has changed since then. The Air Force's development of effective communication skills is an important part of our professional military education.

However, I dare say you can ask any senior military leader who will have a horror story about their first briefing or public speaking event. We all have stories that we can tell. This is because effective communication skills are just a skill. A person can't go out, just "wing" it. It requires learning and practice. The more you practice, the better you will be. As Dr. Dale Carnegie said, people need to practice, practice, and practice [Carnegie, 1915].

Effective communication requires practice

Practice can not only help you develop good habits, but also help you overcome anxiety in front of the audience. This fear is often the difference between an effective communicator and the poor. This is a question of self-growth and developing your own personal voice.

As we develop our voices, we should not forget that the more we learn to listen, the better we will become. Active listening is the skill that many of us need. The more we understand the needs of our audience, the better we can align communication with their needs. This is the essence of effective communication.

Looking for a place to practice

So the question becomes a place where we can practice and develop the skills we discuss here. Most of us don't have such an opportunity. A quick tour of the courses offered by our local universities is not very encouraging. However, this is hope.


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