The importance of providing a safe environment for your perforation

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You rarely worry that a piece of jewelry you are exercising will cause an adverse reaction to your body without being allergic. In the case of body piercing, this concern is desirable. Body accessories are very different from standard rings, necklaces and bracelets. For example, you actually pierce your body with a foreign object, create a wound and an opening, and then insert another object into it. When preparing your body for such a wound, you need to ensure that the appliances and components used are of the highest quality and do not cause excessive stress; at least, not only reasonable.

Make sure your perforations are in a sterile environment

The only way to ensure that your wounds or punctures are not infected is to confirm the safest elements. In addition, it should be completed in a certified body piercing studio with a qualified perforator. Each self-respecting perforator understands the importance of using only genuine and 100% safe jewelry. Even if these are automatically protected [sterilized] before each program. Gloves and antibacterial solutions ensure that no infections are transmitted during the puncture. The initial body jewelry needs to be the safest because your body needs time to heal. Once the healing process is complete, you can switch to the different styles and designs available on the market.

Choose the right body jewelry

The initial body jewellery used immediately after creating the hole needs to be smooth and absolutely free of scratches or grooves. The reason for choosing the jewel after the first puncture is that the new tissue grows inside and around the metal when the body heals, and if the fit is too tight, the new skin is difficult to breathe. Some metals are harmless when used with steel, titanium, tantalum, platinum or gold. Surgical steel is by far the most popular steel. They are sterilized before being used by the piercers, and these piercers come with a variety of optional parts that you can choose from.

Life after piercing

Other metals such as nickel and platinum, glass and even biocompatible polymers are also used in the field of human jewelry. After 3-6 months of piercing, you are free to choose whatever you want and proudly show it. Other participants in the world of body jewelry, such as acrylics, Teflon, and even gems and gemstones, are also widely used. Many of them can be automatically removed, which means they can be considered the first jewelry to be inserted when the wound heals. The puncturer can help and advise you to follow the correct procedure as well as dos and don.

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