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    • avatar Fendi 328 2

      My friend put me on this sound like some old school💯

      • avatar J- Hickz 1

        Damn this HOT, Got a skate Board P feel 2 it a lil bit.

        • avatar Ciearra Bailey 2

          Like i said before, i simply just keep falling in love, my goodness

          • avatar Miaou 1

            Love ur socks Syd !
            Syd <3

            • avatar MrSouthernman73 1

              Anyone hear the "Boogie Nights by Heatwave" influence in da groove? :-)

              • avatar Jennifer Castro 1

                I'm inluv with this song and music video forever 🌹

                • avatar bjdooi 0

                  syd's voice is fucking amazing

                  • avatar Destiny monroe 1

                    i just wana fuck wit chu

                    • avatar roundman beatmaker 1

                      i seen her on a movie in her younger dayz

                      • avatar roundman beatmaker 1

                        never heard of this group,man they got some really nice tunes

                        • avatar gracie fisher 1

                          this my song I'm back lol

                          • avatar dave lightSaber 0

                            Tyler should of Hopped on this. At the end, With his Brass style

                            • avatar dave lightSaber 2

                              Syd the kid Look like Jaden smith.