The key to great public relations

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The key to great public relations is perseverance

Written by Paula Gardner of Do Your Own PR

I often meet companies that place their hopes on a press release. They told me how they sent it out excitedly in their stomachs, and they were disappointed when they didn't get a large number of reporters over the phone the next day. Then they were disappointed, they put their risk into the past public relations, and then turned to a strategy they thought was safer.

However, it is often one thing to separate these companies from those that can continue to achieve great and sustainable development.

PR is a long-term choice and persists in a variety of ways.

Spend time

Just like sports, occasional outbreaks of fanaticism will not have long-term effects. Success is regular, timetable public relations activities. Take a look at your weekly schedule and determine how much time you can spend on PR. Every morning or afternoon is great. Put your diary in and make it sacred. If you don't have such a long time, what can you give up or commission to take time out?


A press release did not produce public relations activities. You need to post something to the media at least every other month. Sometimes these communications disappear into the ether; sometimes they are discovered. Publish regularly to the media to make sure your name is in their minds [and contact books] and allow you to experiment with different writing styles and present your press releases.

Build relationships

But the most important part of the PR strategy is to connect with journalists and editors. Just like making friends or making contacts for business contacts, it takes time and effort. This is not the case of rushing in, but the establishment of trust and respect.

Allow campaigns to reach the public

Seeing your company's coverage in the media is very flattering and satisfying, and may help provide advice, customers and increased sales, but the real rewards come from ongoing long-term reporting that drives your company's firmness Enter the public eye and create a recognized brand for your brand.

Working with my long-term clients in the PR Academy program, I saw complete beginners continue to search for columns in national magazines, receive monthly gloss interviews and appear on national television. A key part of the program is the responsibility of the customer – ostensibly for me, but mainly for themselves. With your own campaigns, you can draw goals and progress in your diary or journal at any time, or collaborate and share processes with other companies. This helps keep power and power when it becomes a bit too easy to distract from the distraction of everyday business.

This is a great way to share and celebrate your PR success and support and cheer each other as you go.

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