The Main Genres Of Online Games

Playing games online is more popular now than it ever has been, and so it’s hardly surprising that so many games (literally thousands upon thousands) have been, and are continuing to be, created. There is something for everyone in that large, and ever increasing, pool of games, but, for newcomers to the world of online gaming, the choice can sometimes be overwhelming.

Still, it is possible to divide up the masses of online games into genres, which makes choosing a game or two to play a little easier. So, what are the main genres of online games?

A shooter game focuses primarily on combat involving projectile weapons, such as guns and missiles. The emphasize is on shooting and combat from the perspective of the character controlled by the player. This perspective is meant to give the player the feeling of “being there”. They can be divided into first-person and third-person shooters, depending on the camera perspective.

Games in the action-adventure genre require you to follow some storyline whilst completing various tasks along the way. Such games are often like movies, but rather than just watching what happens, you get to play out the action. You will normally have one overall objective to aim towards, which you will only be able to achieve through the exploration of a landscape, the gathering of various items, and the combating of other characters.

Role-playing games allow you to become an adventurer within a vast new world. Typically set in some strange magical, medieval type world, you must first choose what type of character you want to be and what skills (combat, spell casting, healing, etc.) you want them to have. Then, you set out into the world and complete missions and battle against good or bad (the choice is yours).

Games in the strategy genre require you to use resources (normally money and / or people) made available to you in such a way as to complete some pre-determined challenge. Building and maneuvering your own army with the aim of wiping out competing players armies is the most popular format. These games can be either ‘real time’, whereby the action is continuous and constantly changing, or ‘turn based’, whereby you make your moves, then your opponents make theirs, then you make yours again, etc.

So, those are the main genres of online games. You will be sure to find some absolute classics, and some new breakthrough games, if you look at those sections of online gaming sites.

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