The Mindful Leader

The Mindful Leader
Lea_p MINDFUL LEADER PROGRAMME   Join us in Moorgate, London on 21st September, 2017 at the start of the next Lea_p Mindful Leader programme. Mindfulness is a fundamental enabler of high performing, resilient, intuitive and connected leadership. The Mindful Leader programme provides leaders with an experiential and impactful introduction to the practice of Mindfulness. Participants will learn how Mindfulness supports effective leadership and will be equipped to start their own practice.   Using a highly experiential format, participants will learn and practice several forms of formal mindfulness practices in addition to experiencing the powerful impacts of mindful presence in connection to other. Mindful tools for use during everyday activities will be taught so that the practice and its benefits can be applied immediately.   Programme Structure:   Mindful Leader Introduction Workshop: 21st September from 9am – 1pm at the Lea_p office in WeWork, Moorgate, London.   Followed by 8 weekly one-hour live web based video conferencing sessions: Wednesdays at 5:30pm – 6:30pm starting 27th September.   This is a highly experiential training using multiple presentation media. Participants will learn/experience: Explore the definition of Mindfulness. What It Is and What It Isn’t (including Meditation versus Mindfulness). Insight into the benefits of Mindfulness for Leadership and Management. Insight into the benefits of Mindfulness in the workplace. A Process of View of Mindfulness. Benefits of Mindfulness – The Why. The Science of Mindfulness – Brain, Mind and the Body. Instruction and Practice of at least 4 types of formal Mindfulness practices. Introduction and Practice of several everyday tools to introduce Mindfulness into everyday activities. Mindful Listening. Mindfulness in Connection – A Compassion Exercise. Guidance on How to Begin a Personal Practice (including buddies for support and accountability).   You will leave having developed: Increased self-awareness and ability to self-assess. Increased capability and capacity to skillfully choose response to triggers and avoid reactivity. Increased capability to regulate the impacts of daily stresses and foster higher levels of wellbeing, resilience and happiness. A means to higher performance via increased creativity, focus and emotional intelligence.   And you will have: Skills and competence to sustain a personal Mindfulness practice. Experience and knowledge of several Mindfulness based tools for use in daily work life. Establishment of group support structure – your tribe – for further learning and mutual support. Establishment of mindful buddies to support and hold accountability for first period of personal practice.

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