The most popular programming language in 2018

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Technology is an inevitable necessity that opens up the expectations of the universe and the long-awaited heart, bringing exciting and interesting innovations. It has always dared to be at the forefront and pioneering inventions, technological innovations and novelties at the peak. People can hardly find a company that is not affected by technology. There is no doubt that technology is a parade of this era.

However, programming languages ​​as an aspect of technology are huge and choose the preferred one, because the most popular among the 100 equally popular programs is without a doubt, this is a very difficult and challenging thing. Be completely cautious about these choices, and most importantly, don't be emotional. The following is a list of the most popular technologies:

Java language

Since the introduction of #90; in the 1990s, the Java programming language has been at the top of the list. Most refurbished companies in the world use Java to build their mobile and desktop applications and their websites. Similarly, Java can run on almost any system. Wow! That's too big! In addition, they are the most popular language for Android gadgets. No wonder why Android apps are built on Java. Java has some very viable and interesting things. Thanks to the new version, the long-term and seemingly old-fashioned interpretation of the language can be run without stress. What is the Java programming language! This simple feature of Java has and will always bring a smile on the user's face, because once the new Java version comes out, they won't have to worry about any code rewriting.


The "C" programming language is also a popular programming language. It is always one of the oldest programming languages ​​and has been adopted by huge brands such as Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle. In this day and age, we have almost no technical things, and this programming language has not affected this. The "C" programming language has a system that allows it to run without thinking and a hidden system. More importantly, it is one of the most popular programming languages ​​today.

Python language

The Python programming language is somewhat different. It has the courage of consistency and stability, so try to get rid of the top of the leaderboard. amazing! Interestingly, at the current point in time, Python is an important and widely used language in some very relevant technologies. Network security is an essential piece of software for this era, and it will let you know that Python runs it. It is used as a primary software for beginners in our colleges and universities for learning and artificial intelligence.

JavaScript language

There is no doubt that JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages ​​ever. JavaScript enables developers to add responsive impressions to web pages. Many times it is used with HTML to create documents and websites. It's very simple and easy to use, which is why the initial startup chose to use JavaScript.

Ruby language

Ruby is considered the best choice for new companies and technology developers who have just started. There are many reasons why it is marked as very important. The way words are placed on Ruby is very beautiful and appealing. This aesthetic allows the technician to do more with some code. Similarly, a running web application doesn't spend as much time as other people, which is why beginner technology developers like and are familiar with the language.

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