The new book provides practical tips for achieving financial security

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In your money and you: how to increase your access to financial security, Deborah Ellis, a long-term registered financial planner [CFP], provides readers with a wealth of information about stocks, bonds, savings, investments, distribution investments and even individuals. People from different industries provide advice. Although the book is full of information, it is also written in a highly accessible way. Ellis shared her personal story about how she started saving money, like a child and a young woman, how her aunt taught her how to invest and buy stocks, and how she has been doing for decades since she started saving. The change. Her personal experience is then translated into her professional experience with clients and years of market investment.

I know that investing can be frightening and confusing, but it's usually due to lack of information or fear that we can't understand the information. As Ellis told us, investment is not that difficult. In fact, anyone who has passed a middle school math course can solve this problem. It is even harder to learn to save and break some of the negative beliefs we may have about money, so that we can give up working for money and learn to let it work for us. The book begins with a reference to Napoleon Hill, the author of the classic Think and Grow Rich, which states, “If you give it up, you will be amazed at how money is collected.” Nothing is more real than this. Ellis showed us the true situation of all of us. She said, "I believe that today's stock market is the gateway to the US opportunity. I believe this is a way for anyone in any industry to build wealth and participate in the American dream." Your money and you tell How do you pass that door.

The opening chapter of this book teaches us how to use our money as a leadership role. Ellis helps us learn how to plan for retirement and expectations. She introduced us to the elements of the financial plan. She then asked us to make a financial checklist of where we are currently in order to understand the conditions we need to work with and achieve our goals. She tells us how to make savings and spending plans, and finally, how to form a team to help us, a team that may include accountants, financial advisors, and perhaps lawyers. We will not surrender our finances to these people, but we will learn to lead them so that they can help us achieve our goals. Ellis warned us "If one of your team members has different priorities, prejudice, or wants you to move in the direction you disagree, you need to find another team member!" This is just how Ellis told it. one example. Another example I like and know is "If you want to charge something that you can't fully repay, you can't afford it."

Next, your money and you enter all the meat of the investment. Ellis leads us through the power of compounding and how it can benefit us over time. She explained to us the differences between stocks, bonds and mutual funds. She clearly stated what the exchange and market index is, and she tells us how to understand the ratings of different companies and their stocks.

Once Ellis ensures that we understand the market, she will enter the personal aspects of the investment. She helps us understand our risk tolerance for investment, how to diversify our assets, and the scenarios we may encounter from inheriting funds to winning lottery tickets and how to retire.

The book concludes with chapters for people in special situations, including those in the military, as well as those in the movies and television industries who may be from banquets to famines at different times and those who are self-employed. The bonus section includes several articles on how to achieve financial security.

Your money and you are a perfect book to help you start saving and investing. Don't delay reading; it's time to invest in yourself. As Ellis warns us, “Money is not static. If you raise it, it will grow. If you ignore it, you will eventually become rare. In addition, Ellis tells us that investment is not difficult. . Developing an investment mindset may require more effort. "Your money and you can help you cultivate this mentality. Once you do this, your money will start working for you, so, absolutely, you don't have to work.

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