The philosophy and stuff of snowboarding

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Philosophy and things

It is more difficult to learn to ski than to ski. It is also more interesting and more creative. Making an instant decision is exciting. In the beginning, you will fall a lot. You have to use your fist to scroll. It is worthwhile to anticipate what you will do and consider it when you do. Because snowboarding has high energy requirements, and because your focus is on your success, I suggest you have a good night's sleep. It also contributes to health [obviously you have to do it before you travel] and be brave.

The day that started on my worst day was the best day. If you have a bad day and feel that you don't get it, stick to it; it may turn into your best snowboarding day!

Your trip

If this is your first ski trip and you don't want to do it often, I recommend two to three days in a row. You can get more in this way. Before you start your trip, check the snow conditions of the nearest park on the internet. If the temperature is not low enough, there may be mud. If there is almost no snow and wind blowing away the little things on the mountain, most of which are ice or very hard snow, then your first experience will not be that much. Traveling to a different park or postponing a trip may cost a price to get better conditions.

write to me

I really miss your feedback. If you are the first snowboard, please let me know if this website is helpful to you. If you are an experienced snowboarder, you may not be able to include anything that is helpful for novices. Please write.

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