The popularity of video streaming

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What is streaming video? Basically, it is a series of images and sounds submitted from one source to another. During this process, the viewer sees it as a movie or animation.

TV stations and channels are the source of streaming video. So, we can say that we are already using streaming video before the Internet.

Many people already have streaming video on their website. With the popularity of sites such as YouTube and Metacafe, people see and expect video streaming on their websites. As a result, more and more people are heading to websites that display streaming video clips.

What are the advantages of video streaming? One obvious advantage is that you don't have to wait a long time to see its streaming video. Therefore, Internet viewers can enjoy these movie clips without having to download them on a local computer.

Another advantage is that streaming video makes it less likely to infect a computer by downloading a video file. Therefore, many people use streaming video to avoid this potential problem.

Personal or small websites not only use streaming video clips, but many large companies also integrate streaming video into their websites. We can see the universality and practicality of video streams everywhere. In the future, static web pages may be less and less.

Well, this is the article about video streaming. Thank you for reading.

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