The pros and cons of playing fun games to make math fun

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Sometimes it feels like 21st century students expect to be entertained rather than taught. Teachers worry that bringing math games into the classroom may be just to cater to this, rather than promoting healthy learning. When a game is used as a reward or game for a game without being included in the course, playing a fun game becomes a problem. This article discusses the pros and cons of developing effective ways to make math fun by using fun games as part of your daily curriculum.

Here are some of the advantages of using fun math games as part of your daily lesson:

  1. When children really review and reinforce facts and concepts, they think they are escaping something. You can stay interested while working hard.
  2. Students are not fools, they know they are still doing work, but if you choose to do a fun activity, it is a boring exercise. Motivation is the key to learning and game motivation!
  3. Play fun games and build collaborative learning when you play games in groups. The game encourages positive interactions between students.
  4. Multi-sensory enhancements by watching, speaking and doing are built into the gaming experience. You "look, listen, say" while playing educational games, and manipulate the pieces and cards as well.
  5. Play some complete classroom games, make math fun, let the students take a break and let them move a bit; it activates their sensors!

Here are some shortcomings of using math games in everyday classes:

  1. The game overemphasizes victory. Only a poor loser is needed to disrupt the activities of the entire class.
  2. It takes too much time to learn the rules and set them up as a team.
  3. There are no mobile tables in your classroom to make some mini tables to play these board games.
  4. There will be an active noise level, the buzz in the room, you believe that silence is golden.
  5. Teacher preparation time is initially increased to print out the game and laminate if necessary. You don't have time to do these activities at all.

Once the materials are created or purchased and then organized in the most convenient way, once the basic rules of the game are learned, the children can move the table and be ready to play fun game activities immediately. They want to participate, so they will act quickly. There is no better strengthening process than multi-sensory activities. Using these printable games and activities not only provides some multi-sensory enhancements, but also provides a great way to make math fun and educational at the same time. You can't go wrong.

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