The reason why network marketing failed 97% – here is the free access solution

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If you've worked in online marketing before, you're probably related to the content in this article. However, I do have a solution that can change the business success you currently lack.

Here are some of my personal experiences in online marketing. Three years ago, I started to care internally and outside with a company with quality health products. I was told that this is the best in the world. For any internet marketing company, they must have different things that only independent dealers can promote.

I have to buy stocks because companies are not companies without stocks. I have to generate a certain amount of volume to match certain discount levels. People can benefit from retail and recruitment because all network marketing companies can benefit from the power of replication.

Another network marketing company I have joined since then is more to fund charities and reward you for making monthly donations. I must admit that this is a noble cause.

The third company is also a health company, although it is different. Their technology is patented and patented, which distinguishes them from any other health company in the world.

That's why I am interested in becoming part of this company.

You should always research something before you continue to join. A well-founded decision is a good decision.

During these three years, I spent a lot of time and money traveling, ordering products, sharing products with others, trying to attract potential customers and recruiters. Cold calls, making lists, inviting people to attend seminars, distributing DVDs, making flyers, using hot money bags, placing advertisements on local media, etc., this is what I teach.

I think most people in online marketing follow a similar strategy. This is very frustrating when you put all your efforts into the results you deserve.

When someone listens to the recommendations of successful people at the seminar, some people seem to have achieved good results in using this strategy.

Success in online marketing is a secret. The key is not to chase friends and family. We were taught to list 100 people and then use the memory jogger.

I have passed all the old school's online methods and personally talked to 100,000 people, but did not achieve reasonable success.

This is the case with 97% of online marketers. You may ask me why I did not successfully complete all of this work?

That's why you and I have not succeeded so far.

This is because we have been taught the network and not how to sell ourselves correctly.

You can have the best product or technology, but if you go to someone who doesn't look for anything, he or she won't be interested in your story.

I mean, why are they interested in what you tell them? According to them, they don't need what you have because they think they are doing it the way.

This is the solution.

Find those who are looking for something you must share with them. People don't care what products you have, or what opportunities you have. They are looking for ways to solve problems. If you can provide them with services and value, they will join you.

People don't join your business, they join you because you have the value to share with them so they can succeed. To attract people, you must change the way you think by motivating your information to provide value to your team.

Great, it's all good, but if you don't plan to use the old-style prospecting method, how do you overcome the problem of finding people?

This is what I found on the Internet. Leading generation system that generates leads. One uses the Internet to attract people who really want more information to improve their business. Let us acknowledge that if you stop generating potential customers, your business will stop.

How many people do you personally know? More than one hundred people?

In one hundred or more, how many people join your business or become a customer?

In fact, 97% of online marketers lack the funds to run their business because they lack potential customers because they don't have enough revenue to maintain their business.

When using lead generation systems, the way in which marketing is done online has changed dramatically in terms of lead generation and retention.

Statistics show that their retention rate is 90%, which is due to funding proposals, and you can earn income even if no one joins your main business. So the income you earn can fund your business.

The benefit of this type of attractive marketing is that you will never hear the word "no" again, because the person who finds you is looking for someone who solves their problem without clues.

For an internet marketing company, you usually have a source of revenue but have a lead generation system that you can have multiple sources of revenue.

If you want free, instant access to information about such systems, you can go to the link I provided.

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