The relationship between language and art – the structure of art is like a language

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The structure of art is like a language. It is also a kind of conscious and intentional psychological activity, and it is also a more irrational and unconscious expression. Art may involve sudden excitement and liberation, as well as a large amount of intellectual and emotional reactions. Art has the power to evoke emotions and shocks, confuse, repel and enlighten. Language has very similar characteristics. Language is the tool we use to communicate with each other and express our emotions and thoughts. Through artistic language, we can also communicate and evoke responses among the audience.

Is artistic meaning beyond the scope of arguable, so if its expression or emotional content is beyond the scope of language, is it impossible to capture it with language or form a determinant in art?

Check the nature and identity of the artwork. If you create an object in your imagination; does it depend on the theory of language expression? When we use language, its role is to convey cognitive and artistic functions to convey emotional meaning.

For 聋 visual artists, is their art structured like a language? Language is not only a language, it can also be a sign language and a symbol. For the deaf, the symbols and sign language give the meaning and psychological form on which he relies to create art.

Only ideas can become works of art; they are in a chain of psychological development that might find some form. Ideas are language based, so we can create art through language and symbols. Conceptual art is based on thought; it is intended to appeal to the viewer's mind, not to his eyes or emotions.


The more you learn this topic, the more you realize that you can't separate art from language. Art is language and language is art.

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