The relationship between public relations and celebrities

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Competitiveness is the definition of the film industry. From the beginning, if you want to stick to it for a long time, celebrities need to promote themselves. This also applies to movies. If the viewer doesn't know your movie or is not interested, then no matter how good your content is, your movie is doomed to failure.

The following are the influences of public relations in Hollywood and the Bollywood industry.

How does PR work in Hollywood?

The work of public relations staff in the Hollywood industry is a tedious journey. Public relations personnel are often involved in the public relations activities of their A-list clients.

Whether it's creating a positive image or dealing with bad news, creating a better image for celebrity drunken pranks, PR companies are committed to maintaining a good image in the public. In addition to public image maintenance, public relations agencies help celebrities seal millions of dollars in movie deals and future projects.

Celebrity PR is the most common practice in the Hollywood industry. From the very public Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to the short but unproven relationship between Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco, PR agents use relationships to promote their respective projects.

PR's work in Hollywood is fierce, and every celebrity wants better coverage and positive public attention.

The impact of public relations on the Bollywood industry

Earlier, posters and trailers were the biggest media to promote Bollywood industry films. But now, production companies need to adopt a bigger, more innovative approach to inspire interest in the audience.

Some actors have more than a life star, and their movies perform very well, regardless of the promotions involved, such as any movie, including Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and other first-line stars. However, creating such a huge impression in the public mind is that public relations companies work hard.

Today, public relations companies continue to participate in promoting their movies in different ways, such as in popular TV shows and reality shows. Celebrities also appeared in interviews with popular media channels and Internet blogs.

Co-branded movies and products are also popular ways to win great public interest. This strategy is most effective when there is something in common between a movie and a particular brand.

This strategy is very good for Hrithik Roshan-starrer "Krrish" because they work with the popular coloring brand 'Rangeela' Since movies and brands share a common audience of children, this strategy applies to movies and products.

The relationship between public relations and celebrities

The following are some of the duties performed by public relations agents and celebrities.

· Handling short-term crises involving wrong quotes, accidents, alcohol abuse and various other emergencies. This also includes alleviating bad news over a longer period of time to create a favorable public image.

· Find new movies, red carpets and opportunities to interview with major publications and media channels.

· Establish new connections to promote new opportunities for their celebrities.

• Track news about celebrities and deal with situations when false accusations occur. This also includes deleting celebrity photos and articles in the event of any copyright infringement.

· Create a celebrity online presence by processing their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The film industry is a tough place, and every celebrity is working very hard to make their existence known. Public relations can be the best way for celebrities to build a good image and maintain the industry for a long time.

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