The relationship of health consists of these ten basic ingredients

Can you have a healthy relationship without any quarrel? Um… In my opinion, this is really challenging! As far as I know, human beings cannot coexist without a healthy relationship. So how do you maintain one? To do this, you really need to come up with a ceiling on thinking. Do I need to balance and balance love, patience, tolerance, understanding, confidence, commitment and self-esteem? Or I have to be cautious about the wind and say without thinking, "I gave up!"

Remember that the important survival of a relationship depends on you and these basic ingredients: –

  1. Honesty – Basically, it is the most important of any relationship. There is a deep and loving honesty between a couple, which is clear and clear. "No matter what happens, you will always know the true me!" This is a feeling that allows one to open up honestly.
  2. Forgiveness – Simply put, irreparable couples will break up! Without forgiveness, no one can get rid of the past.
  3. Communication – We need to learn how to communicate and weather the storm. Disagreements are an important part of each relationship; but to weave them, partners must learn different ways of communicating and walk into their partners.
  4. Trust – Overtime, only trust deepens. If you can trust each other, then you don't have to deal with suspicion and insecurity. You are free to speak, understand the trust of your partner and love you.
  5. Separate time [space] – As human beings, we need to have our own healthy space. Initially, husband and wife are inseparable, this is the norm. Over time, both have different interests, hobbies and pursuits to help connect their partnerships.
  6. Friendship – this is important to maintaining relationships. Both must rely on each other as true and sincere friends – not just as a fan. We realize that when the passion fades, the reality is… In any case, this is the bond of friendship.
  7. Monogamy – As one of the founding elements of all marriages, you can't trust and be honest without monogamy!
  8. Similar values ​​- When making a major decision, the two must work together to reach an agreement. Happy couples are those who learn to agree to financial issues and how to raise their children.
  9. Patience – If you have patience, there is no doubt that you will understand to deal with each other's problems and imperfections. Then you will have the bond that binds you in difficult and difficult times. Marriage ends not just because of problems. They broke up because both sides gave up trying – solve these problems!
  10. Passion is another important factor in mutual support in love. Although the trend may have passed with time, your true enthusiasm for each other – the core and soul of long-term, long-lasting healthy relationships!
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