1. De' Lauren De' Lauren

    Genius! 😄

  2. Kiril Stawrew Kiril Stawrew

    This is a great way to not waste time on products that don´t sell. However, I´m not really sure if this is always the best way to go. After all, if you´ve started with creating the product, and the product doesn´t sell, you STILL have this product; you can offer it for free as a lead magnet to build your list, you can offer it for free with a link to an upsell product or with affiliate links, you can offer it as a bonus when you promote as an affiliate, you can offer it as a PLR product or Master Resale Rights, you can sell the site and the product on Flippa etc. You can do lots of stuff with a product, once it´s done, so that I don´t think its "wasted time" to create the product first, even if it turns out that it doesn't sell, there are much more ways to use it.

  3. LadyLyn LadyLyn

    Nice video! Where is the video about the product validation?

  4. Stephen Osoko Stephen Osoko

    I was reading the Purple Cow by Seth Godin and what you said mirrorred what I read in the book so I know that this HAS to be the proper way! So much valuable information man! Thanks a lot.

  5. Anthony Swift Anthony Swift

    During the landing page opt in are you discussing costs at all? Or waiting till you launch to the small audience. Thanks Corey.

  6. ggsPaulggs ggsPaulggs

    Great video! What happens when my product launches? Say it's successful, will I need an analytics program etc? I'm in the dark about what happens right after, if loads of customer emails come through. I may need to hire a VA ??
    Thanks man

  7. Kenny Hamilton Kenny Hamilton

    I can see how this would benefit me Thanks corey

  8. Carmi Lu Carmi Lu

    Thats Great man.

  9. Jerome Cabaluna Jerome Cabaluna

    Could you teach on how to create a ebook cover on 2D and 3D format. Thanks

  10. Enosh Kazem Enosh Kazem

    great idea to first think of the sales copy!

  11. jon01104 jon01104

    this video comes exactly at the right time awesome!

  12. Felix Rizo-Patron Felix Rizo-Patron

    you are the man Corey. thanks for the advice


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