The role of communication in the organization

Communication plays a very important role in the organization. In fact, it is considered the lifeline of the organization. There is nothing in the universe, humans or other things, no communication; although the way of communication can be very different. Communication is very cruel and inevitable because we intend to pass on to another person, group or even the outside world.

Communication in the organization is inevitable. From time to time, each department communicates about daily activities and the relationship between the organization and the outside world. It expresses its intentions in both written and unwritten ways, whether planned or improvised. It can be hierarchical, from top to bottom and vice versa. It can be formal or informal; vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Regardless of the communication method or the type of communication, it is important that communication takes place.

However, the content being communicated may be well understood and then feedback or misunderstood or inadequate, resulting in communication disruption. In fact, communication within the organization may be a gossip or rumor. In short, the communication in the organization is very complex and needs to be properly handled and monitored to avoid confusion, crisis or conflict.

The basic functions and functions of management cannot be achieved without communication. Planning, organization, coordination, budgeting, monitoring, control, staffing, authorization; including marketing, production, financing, staffing [human resources management], R&D, procurement, sales, etc., cannot be well coordinated without communication , use and achieve goals.

Communication plays a key role in meetings, annual conferences, general meetings, emergency meetings, etc. The effectiveness of the organization also depends on the success of its meetings, and the goals to be achieved, the goals to be achieved, and the activities to be transported are resolved and discussed. If you don't have a good understanding of these ideas at the meeting, then you need to make sure that the workers mess everything up. Therefore, the chairman of the meeting must be a valid spokesperson or communication to ensure that everyone has the right discussion.

This will help eradicate rumors and gossip and also help to achieve established standards, goals and/or goals.

  In short, everyone in the organization needs to have good communication skills, not just the boss, but also the subordinates. This is what all of us [workers] need to achieve their stated goals together. By deleting the communication in the organization, we will have dead entities, no benefit, and the value is turned off. Communication is the backbone of organizational success.

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