The significance of Jupiter in astrology

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Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and plays an important role in astrology. It is considered to be the master of all planets, or the Devaguru of the gods. Jupiter is considered to be the most beneficial of all planets, imparting wisdom, knowledge, wealth and health. Jupiter is in good shape in a person's astrological chart, which can bring an excellent luck and good education to the individual. It is said that Sagittarius Pisces is ruled by Jupiter planets. Jupiter's planetary position is also believed to have a major impact on the rise of 12 houses. You can understand the impact of Jupiter on these houses.

Jupiter effect in various houses


Jupiter has various effects on the house –

the first


When Jupiter is in its own constellation, Sagittarius or Pisces, it is said that this person will be an excellent speaker and proficient in both Shastras and Vedas. This person will have a healthy child and wish them a happy and happy life. If Jupiter is on the rise, cancer, all of the above factors will be realized, and the effects of Jupiter's Maharaja Yoga can be enjoyed by 16-year-olds. However, if Jupiter is in the home of its enemies Capricorn, then this person will have a short life, and he will indulge in sinful behavior. He may also have no children and live a bad life.

Second house


In the second house, Jupiter will bless the locals with richness and wisdom. Individuals will enjoy financial and agricultural benefits in his 16th year. If Jupiter has its own logo, then this person will be prosperous, healthy and happy. However, if faced with improvement, individuals will be poorly educated; poor communication skills, showing the quality of thieves and scammers.

Third house


With Jupiter entering the third house, natives are likely to be very frugal. He will be smart and determined and will have some brothers. However, he will give up all the relationships. If faced with men, natives will lose their brothers and be unwise and poor.

Fourth house


Local people will be happy, smart, and kind. As a landlord, he will also have a rich life in the milk. However, if it is associated with a male, it will have the opposite effect because the locals will have no land or transportation. He will also suffer and have no land of his own.

Fifth house


This person will be very intelligent, very generous, feeding others, a good conversationalist and full of life. He will bless many children whose fate is full of wealth and prosperity. On the other side of the coin, if you meet a man, he will suffer losses from losing the child and wealth.

Sixth house


A dangerous person, this native will destroy his enemies and leave traces and wounds on his body. He will assume some grandchildren and be free from disease. When faced with a male, the local person will have a disease associated with a cold.

Seventh house


Local people will be highly educated but worrying. He will have a loyal spouse and will gain happiness and wealth through this relationship. However, on the other hand, locals may have relationships with members other than their spouses.

Eighth house


This native will suffer from harmful indulgence. Native people are guilty. However, if associated with a beneficial planet, this may be contrary to his healthy life. If it is related to men, the local may have a relationship with the widow in his 17th year.

Ninth house


Native religion and philosophy. He will have rich wealth and spirituality and hold religious ceremonies. He will be long as a minister, king or army commander, and handsome and learned.

Tenth house


A respected person, natives will be proficient in scripture, religious, and a great speaker. However, if faced with men, he will encounter obstacles in his career and indulge in harmful behavior.

Eleventh house


This native will have health, wealth and income. His reputation is very common and he will have good transportation. He will enjoy unparalleled gains and may have elephants.

Twelfth house


This native will be bipolar; he will be interested in learning and mathematics, but he will have loose morals and a few children. If connected to a beneficial planet, locals will enjoy the paradise after death. However, if faced with men, he will face the opposite situation; die after death.

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