The top 3 public speaking and presentation skills remind you to be a persuasive and dynamic speaker

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Here are three presentation techniques and public speaking techniques that will guide you to being a powerful, persuasive and dynamic public speaker.

1. Be a dynamic speaker – Ok, um, right? But here is…

  If I only offer one suggestion, it will be passion! Passion is at the heart of good public speaking and presentation skills.

Just as the first three rules of real estate are location, location, location, the top three arguments are passion, passion, and passion.

One. Choose a theme that you have good, passionate. Even if it is accounting, identify, express and feel your passion for accounting and talk about it.

If you have to talk about something you don't have passion for, first try not to, but if you have to, tell a story about passion [and humor] that is relevant or relevant to your topic.

Bay has a positive meaning in your theme – it may be shared by others; it does not mean that you are unique.

C. Then don't "talk" about your passion. Don't describe anything. Realize and share your passion through stories and anecdotes, and actively, vividly and strongly test stories in your imagination, mind, soul and body. Feel your story, this is the great significance of my entourage and physical existence. Literally. Feel it. Then express it with your entire existence.

d. Facts, figures, opinions, data, and narratives are often useless. Limit them as much as possible. Use them only and briefly as supporting evidence, not as a main storyline.

2. Public speech with power and existence

  The second presentation tips: PRESENCE !!!

  Being is as important as passion. When you are fully present at our moment, with yourself, and your passion for your message: Wow! We will be captivated.

One. We perfect the existence through meditation. meditate! As an exercise, in the mini moment of the day. Keep checking in with yourself and ask if you are completely there at the moment, no matter what your priorities are, what should be.

The existence of the Bay is the foundation of all the good things in life: mental health, emotional health, mental health, interpersonal relationships [with yourself, others and God], peak performance, public speech, etc. Moreover, meditation has once again become a way of being.

3. Storytelling – the way our mind and mind

  The third most important presentation tip for an effective presentation: the story!

One. Don't "tell" the story. Actively, live passionately in your imagination in your imagination, and then share your experience with your audience through your voice, language, and most importantly your body [arms, hands, legs, faces, etc.].

Bay story must involve meaning, purpose, conflict and obstacles

C. You should not be a hero in the story. Play a common role at most.

d. As you said, tell this story vividly in your imagination. Look, listen, feel this action

That is, limit or eliminate statistics and numbers.

F. If you must use numbers, please make them human. For example, telling you that 50,000 people die of heart disease each year [or whatever the actual number is] will make you feel cold. However, if you say it well, sharing the story of a person or family suffering from heart disease can greatly change you.

You have it. The first three of the fifteen tips to deliver powerful, persuasive and dynamic public speaking and presentation skills.

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