1. albula642 albula642

    GPS is actually not that accurate, it's about down to about 25 meters if you don't use any other enhancment

  2. samljer samljer

    they act like another country couldnt easily take over this service if needed lol.

  3. Pee Gilleen Pee Gilleen

    GPS, the only good thing the US army has ever done

  4. unduki unduki

    Free?… You don't use taxpayer money for that stuff?

  5. Tim-J.Swan Tim-J.Swan

    GPS is only so accurate because they include Einstein's equations. Otherwise it wouldn't be as accurate.

  6. Brian Garrett Brian Garrett

    also, China recently launched the first satellite of Beidou, their own global navigation satellite system, since they obviously don't want to be dependent on the evil imperialists for their military needs. Within a decade, GPS will no doubt be one of several redundant systems which will allow for continuity of service worldwide.

  7. Brian Garrett Brian Garrett

    @airjaimika private companies won't, but international organizations could. The European Union is in the process of constructing Galileo, a similar sat-nav system; nine of the satellites are already operational. The Russian GLONASS system has been around since the early '90s. The construction of Galileo has partially been driven by fears of the USAF making the system unavailable, but that is highly unlikely as so much of our infrastructure is dependent on GPS.

  8. airjaimika airjaimika

    @BloatedSensations GPS is a US military system, when the time comes they can turn it off, and also they can add an error to the signals , hence making your equipment useless/inaccurate whilst correcting for the error in their own systems.

    The reason its free for public use is because that way no private company will set up a parallel system that the USAF can not control.

  9. stdavross666 stdavross666

    @BloatedSensations american propaganda is the cancer of the world, I agree.


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