The truth about the transformation

The truth about the transformation

Reshaping is one of the most stressful journeys people can afford. Reshaping requires investment time and financial resources. Still, millions of people still want and need to improve their homes every year. Often, selling homes and moving homes is only time or cost effective. Remodeling IS answer. However, you don't want to be a victim of a "retrofit nightmare." You hear from friends and relatives again and again, "Looking for a nightmare. It will take twice as long and three times as long." It doesn't need that!

You can fill the gaps experienced by Orange County homeowners who can't find honest, reliable retrofit experts.

After 28 years of transformation business, I have seen it all! Here are the secrets of a successful transformation:

Secret #1: Making a plan

If you didn't plan your trip first and take the road map, would you have a long and expensive vacation? of course not! This will be a disaster. Your trip will be filled with unwelcome surprises and expensive changes. Remodeling is the same. I always say "any careful planning, correct implementation, will succeed." A great transformation partner can help you find what you want by putting it on paper and drawings before you start. Professional design with a focus on detail will ensure that your project is on time, on budget and beautiful!

Secret #2: Don't start until you have everything

Imagine – your contractor dismantled the bathroom [probably the only one in your home]. After three weeks, you are still trying to get him back. His answer to you [when you finally managed to get him to wear his cell phone] was that the bathtub was sent out and the shower was wrong. He further told you that the work has been postponed for four to six weeks. Not a good solution. Unfortunately, this is often a real scene. You need and need a contractor who will order all the necessary products, open them, open the boxes and make sure they are the correct color, do not break and properly fit together before scheduling work. Never let anyone tear your house until you need to get the job done on time and run smoothly and delivered on site. Make sure your contractor [required] uses the project planning software, which will show you the actions to be performed on a daily basis, by activity, by what, and what will be performed. No surprises. You should know exactly what happened every day.

Secret #3: Hire a professional. All companies are different or the same

Reshaping is one of the biggest investments you can make in life and at home. Reshaping also provides some of the highest return on investment. For example, a properly constructed bathroom renovation can return more than 132% of the investment value. Well-designed and built kitchens can pay more than 133%. In contrast, a poorly constructed and poorly designed project can cause far more damage than the “people you use to paint a house” that you hire. Only experienced contractors with decades of practical experience can truly become familiar with the construction and what can and cannot be done. The best way to protect your assets and personal relationships is to hire experienced, licensed and insured contractors to build your project. Make sure you have contracts and professionally developed drawings that list and explain what you are getting. Your contractor should provide you with consistent, painless, high quality retrofits.

Secret #4: Engage the experience – real experience

The transformation and construction industry is full of “Jack in all walks of life”. You won't hire a hairdresser for brain surgery, so why would you hire a plumber to remodel your bathroom or build a patio cover to build a new kitchen? Hiring people who specialize in your project type can increase the level of experience to achieve higher quality projects, more efficient, more timely projects and a higher level of product and design knowledge. When you hire a contractor, make sure they have at least 25 years of hands-on experience – working at work, not people from behind the desk. The best contractors are contractors who continue to carry out actual demolition, frames, drywall, finished woodwork, etc., regardless of their business life. Despite its high physical requirements, it remains fresh and up to date. These types of contractors really understand and understand their business because they do it every day – they know what they are talking about, not just pushing a pencil.

Think about it. Do you want to discuss and contract with a salesperson or contractor to build or renovate your home? Do you really think that sales people know the complexity and details of construction and renovation… Or are they interested in getting your business with a lot of expensive change orders after the project starts? Keep in mind that almost all salespeople make a living from commissions – the more they generate, the more money they make. Compare this to the actual contractor who signed the contract with you. Once you agree to the price – this is it!

From the first meeting, the physical contractor on the first day should be your only contact. Really professional contractors work every day and know what they are talking about. Only this type of contractor can confidently answer your questions and concerns! These contractors are few, but their weight is gold.

You want the team of the contractor very much Experienced – not composed of daytime work and skilled workers. A really good contractor has a team, each with more than 20 years of experience in craftsmanship. Don't trust anyone or any other family's family or hard-earned money!

Secret #5: Let your contractor buy materials

I know. I know. If you buy your own bathtub and stuff it into the trunk of your car, you can save a few dollars. The problem is that most homeowners don't know what to buy, what to buy or how much to buy. Making a mistake in product purchases, taking on a lot of responsibility from the contractor, not to mention the inevitable game that can happen if something goes wrong. You really have time to go back and forth from the pipeline provider back to the wrong thing and get the right one… five times!

Secret #6: Don't make a change

Change is the biggest reason to reshape nightmares. So far, you have done everything. You have followed the previous five secrets, but you are not able to self-help and you have made changes during the construction period. Ok… all the bets are gone. The timetable deviates from the track and your contractor cannot manage his or her time and must purchase new materials. The key to not making changes is to love your plan and make sure your team knows exactly what you want. Yes. Back to the secret #1: Make plans. But don't have only one… love it! Don't sign a contract before you know exactly what you get…manufacture, model, color, etc. Make sure the plan, specifications and layout are exactly what you want, then let the professionals go to work.

Secret #7: Expand your definition of cost

The initial price only gives a peek at the true cost of peeping into the life of your home. Low prices can mean good deals, or it can mean lack of quality or durability. Or it may mean that certain designs, materials or construction costs are not included in the price. In the long run, higher purchase prices mean better deals: you can actually choose high-quality resources, efficient fixtures [lower monthly utility bills] and durable materials [requires less replacement frequency]. Reduce the cost of living in your home.

So, you have it: seven secrets to successful remodeling. I believe that if you follow these seven secrets, you will increase your chances of reshaping success a hundred times.

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