TheNest #2 Graduation Ceremony

TheNest #2 Graduation Ceremony
We are honored to invite you to the graduation ceremony of TheNest #2, Gvahim's accelerator for small businesses and freelancers of Olim entrepreneurs in partnership with WIX. Join us in discovering the amazing entrepreneurs of TheNest in presence of our mentors and partners. Agenda: 18:00 - Mingling & Cocktail 18:45 - Welcome notes  19:15 - Entrepreneur pitches 20:00 - Graduation Come meet the entrepreneurs:  - Daniela, from Germany, bringing a plant-based cosmeceutical ointment against sores and unsightly scars (Leishmania major) to the over-the-counter Israeli market. - Richard, from the US: Dog Maafia, a bakery producing high standard treats for dog. - Fia, from Italy: Ikebana workshops (Japanese Zen technique)  - Maryluz, from Colombia, bringing her great sense of taste to interior design! - Katya, from Russia: MashuMashu Box is a monthly surprise box and gift box with natural, organic and mostly handmade products from Israeli artisans, manufacturers, and designers. - David and Jacob, from US and UK: with NEU table, bringing a new culinary experience - Linda, from Sweden: importing add-ons to make your IKEA furnitures one of a kind. - Ilan, from Switzerland: provides on-demand cleaners and textiles (bedsheets, towels, and more) for BNB property managers exclusively. - Brielle, from the US: opening a yoga studio in the heart of Tel-Aviv - Miriam Trestman, from Brazil: launching MUp, mobile Hebrew course targeted at Olim that helps new immigrants in their first years in Israel.  We hope you can make it! Cheers,  Patricia

at Levant Fair in the Tel Aviv Port
Yosef Yekutieli, building 26
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel



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