Think that the newspaper is yesterday's news? Think again

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When Mark Twain read his "death" in the newspaper, he got this famous response:

"My death report is exaggerated."

The table has now turned. According to reports, millions of people around the world still have the death of newspapers while reading the daily news. Such irony. It is the final fake news to say that the newspaper is completed.

A single newspaper report is still one of the most powerful drivers of opinion. More powerful than popular Twitter posts, viral Facebook posts or popular Instagram themes. Just ask Playa Del Carmen and its nearby unfortunate resort owners, a popular resort town on the northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Quintana Roo, Mexico, as well as on the Mexican Riviera.

In February 2018, just a few weeks before the tourist season, they are preparing for thousands of holidaymakers eager to escape the long and difficult winter. The hordes of sun seekers include me and my wife. We are scheduled to spend a week in late March on our favorite winter vacation: Iberostar Grand Paraiso, about a 30-minute drive from Playa Del Carmen.

The next shocking news is that on February 22, 2018, a tourist ferry in Playa del Carmen was “bombed”. The following story is supported by the video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgO9VPFBNyU], which is even more disturbing. Twenty-five people were injured! The US Embassy warns travelers to stay away from ferries and parts of the Caribbean resort!

Two weeks later, another "bomb-like" device was found on another ferry. It was deleted without leaving. On March 21, the day we left the holiday, the US Embassy cancelled the warning.

What do you think? Did the Sun Seeker ignore this news? Do these hotels often do business? According to my findings, from a well-recognized small sample, the answer will be a loud negative.

This bad news is better than everything released. It can't be reversed – just put the toothpaste back into the tube.

From the time we entered the Cancun Airport customs, and within a record time, due to the absence of lines [Figure A], evidence of failures created from news reports was easy to find.

When we arrived at the resort, there was almost nothing as usual: there were fewer guests on the venue [Exhibit B], and our favorite specialty restaurants were closed most of our stay [Figure C]. I can play golf. The kick-off time I want for the ball actually has to change my original tee time because there are no other players in that position [Figure D].

need more? When playing a second round of golf with another player [Exhibit E], we used a single player [Figure F] and they were behind us. He turned out to be a friendly person in Mexico City who rented an apartment in Playa Del Carmen. “This time I have already booked it,” he told us. "Nothing this year." [Graph G]

Everything is because of a news event. Remember, the next time someone tells you that the newspaper is yesterday's news.

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