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    • avatar FirstBlood36O 1

      A great Christmas gift for your annoying aunt thats forces you to kiss her

      • avatar Chaos2003 1

        U know how much money u wasted

        • avatar geometry dash eternalove 1

          i know why the macbook pro survived The USB killer killed the adaptor

          • avatar Dylan Oxendine 1

            Austin Evans: don't try this at home
            Me: can I try this at the park?

            • avatar Abdul-Hakeem Russell 1

              give it to your teacher before your powerpoint

              • avatar Moon Phase 2

                I will use this as a gift for April fools :)

                • avatar AJ #9-9 1

                  What?! Why ?! Who needs this? Spies? Or "ssholes?

                  • avatar TSwany 0

                    Ima take this to school and give it to my teacher

                    • avatar Air Strike King 1

                      4:45 lol

                      • avatar Freezingbulb 1

                        I hope that my teacher doesn't have a Macbook…

                        • avatar Zane Glass 1

                          this is how computers are are put to "sleep" ☠

                          • avatar Jovi Chua 1

                            auto charge :)