Three Defense Mechanisms to Prevent Spyware Attacks

Recent reports from the Dell Computers and Microsoft will make you feel for the utmost necessity of a proper spyware preventive mechanism. As Dell has placed that more than 12 % calls everyday are related to the spyware problem faced by the users. Microsoft is a step ahead. It has stated that half of the recent computer problems including the crash of hard disk have been sorted out just because of spyware.

So these computer giants are working to reach the verge of eliminating these troubleshooters from the networking system. Already several preventive means are available. Thus till then you must make use of such defense mechanisms to protect your computer system till some superb software is created that won’t be just preventive but give a complete cure.

The firewall prevention

Firewall is an effective way of combating the entry of spyware and viruses in your computer and it can defend them right at the way in status. Hence if you install firewall right from the beginning the spyware and other virus hazards can be checked with conviction.

Yet there is big limitation on the part of the firewall. The firewall is incapable of finding out if there is a problem in the computer prior to its installation. In this regard then if a spyware has already set its foot in and then you try to protect your operating system with the help of spyware, it is practically of no use. Of course the firewall can prohibit any new entry but the old ones remain intact in carrying out its ill missions.

Anti-virus program

With the anti-virus software you can have a sigh of relief but not totally because anti-virus is effective till that extent you keep it updating. Once you miss the updating procedure, any time another virus and even spyware can move in.
For example if you have upgraded the anti virus software last afternoon and left it likewise for the next few days, your computer might catch up with the infection the very next day. This happens just because you did not pay much attention to the updating part for some time.

Anti-spyware software

Most effective among these three defensive mechanisms is the anti-spyware software. The spyware removals can eliminate the spyware that have come in through some route and also check their entry at the initial post of downloading. Thus it is better to install the anti-spyware at the time of installing all other software itself and make use of the system in the safest possible way.

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