Three tips on bathroom renovation

This is a terrible idea: your bathroom is your guest and the room most likely to be seen by visiting foreign politicians.

Therefore, when Jerry and Sylvia suddenly broke out after a long trip from Milwaukee, they would look for some relief. Do you want them to think that your decoration is inspired by the local Sunoco station? They avoid using your facility.

Don't be afraid, because as usual, I come to you with a wealth of knowledge. If you follow my priceless tips – and invest a little time and cages – you can even impress your people on the social ladder. We are not trying to create the Tinkle Time of the Taj Mahal here, but a proud dressing room.

Remodeling Technology #1 – Use antiques or custom vanity.

The spacious bathroom is fitted with standard built-in cabinets. These are boring and not worthy of your inner creative genius, especially when there are many delicious choices.

Before you go to "Ye Olde Antiquites Emporium", please remember that anything you choose must accommodate the washing container. The curved and enticing bowl sinks you see in the bathrooms of all the stylish restaurants are 16" – 18" in diameter. The small bowl on the giant cabinet is very wrong, so manage yourself accordingly.

Height is another important factor. These sexy sinks are usually about 6 inches tall, so unless Grandpa has an overactive pituitary gland and your family has to hide at the door, keep the vanity below 34 inches. If you choose a pedestal sink, you can ignore my above wisdom this time.

The faucet is the last necessities. It can be mounted behind the sink and centered, placed back to either side, or…waiting for it… popping out of the wall above the sink! This last option will definitely excite all those allowed to enter and gain valuable counter space. One disadvantage of this method is that the mirror must now be mounted higher to accommodate the faucet. But hey, this may be useful to Grandpa.

Remodeling Technology #2 – Using Architectural Elements

Now that you've solved all the troubles, think carefully and cleverly add other objects to enhance your look or theme. Try replacing the traditional door with an antique door. Do not use colored glass beads instead. This is the "performance of the 70s." This is a show. You won't be cool. You will be excluded. Panels with frosted glass or Shoji style doors are very stylish and can radiate external light. This avoids harsh lighting and makes everyone look like they are out of Vogue's page.

Ceilings are often overlooked as a place to add to the fun of the building. Fortunately, you remind me of it. The high ceilings can hang a beautiful antique luminaire, or it may be a flying wooden cherub that looks like it has just been drawn from Rubens's paintings. No matter what you choose, just imagine your friend going out and using his best "Lebowski" to imitate, "The flying little angels really tied the room together, didn't they?"

With lower ceilings, you can add extra visual height by drawing lighter shades than walls or using lustrous or shiny things. We are not dealing with a fully functional, high flow bathroom. This is a messy person upstairs. So let the whimsy have a free rule and do a shameless thing.

Remodeling Technology #3 – Latest Trends

Nothing has a jaw, attracting new and exciting interesting drip sounds. In terms of fashion, this usually means an old and familiar return. In the past decade, everyone and their chocolate lab have stainless steel or chrome faucets.

The metals you should look for are those that were popular before Yonks and slammed back into the design world. For example, bronze and hammered copper are subtle and reflect light brilliantly. Gib Tip: Dark colors are partners in these earth metals. You are very popular. Sinks made from non-standard materials such as smoked glass are also impressive and don't go crazy.

More eccentric, buy hand-carved wooden bowls or artisan ceramic sinks with unique organic shapes. The old-shaped kidney-shaped swimming pool has been reincarnate as a sink!

Combine old and new; contemporary and old people are the best. If you have an antique dresser and wallboard, install an ultra-modern faucet and sink. If you have antique faucets, sinks and towel rails, combine them with a stylish dressing table, mirror and wall decoration.

The bathroom tiles you choose should follow the same principles. Black and shiny metal tiles will make your bathroom a rich eye feast by bringing out the best rich wood grain and bright ceramics. Natural wood and iron love each other to death.

I will tell you the last piece of gold. The privacy of using the bathroom gives guests the opportunity to double check. Don't make a mistake – you will be judged. So go out together and let "vanity" return to vanity.

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