Tim Benton, Gary Bland ‘Classic pop revisited’ Featuring Simon Wallace on piano

Tim Benton, Gary Bland 'Classic pop revisited' Featuring Simon Wallace on piano

Tim and Gary offer a double bill featuring some of the finest pop songs of the 1960’s and 70’s. Tim’s set is a reimagining of songs made famous by artists like Simon & Garfunkel, Dylan, Gene Pitney, the Monkees and Neil Sedaka. Gary will sing songs from his upcoming Matt Monro show including: A Portrait of My Love, From Russia With Love and Born Free. They’ll both be accompanied by Simon Wallace. A leading arranger for film and TV (Absolutely Fabulous, Clive James Show), Simon works with many top UK jazz and cabaret singers including Sarah Moule, Clare Teal, Ian Shaw, Pete Atkin, Gill Manly and Barb Jungr. “Benton makes all of these songs, no matter how iconic, sound like intimate, personal statements.” Alex Ramon, Boycotting Trends blog

"It’s the happy memories that make you sad,
the bitter ones are not so bad ….
It’s the memory of a better day, so fair and far away,
that breaks your heart"

A Paradox – Fran Landesman

at The Pheasantry
152 Kings Road
Chelsea, United Kingdom



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