Tips for changing the culture of non-profit organizations

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I have been talking to many non-profit leaders for many years, and few have heard about organizational culture. Make sure there are a lot of complaints about the staff doing the wrong thing or the important things they should do, but that's not the case. However, in general, they must accept the next crisis to get the question: “What are the unsatisfactory situations in our workplace?” Ensuring that the lack of enthusiasm is the real loss of production. Most workplace research shows from

Without motivation, disengaged employees waste at least 60% of their workdays. from

  This is an amazing cost for ordinary organizations, profit or non-profit organizations.

Jim Haudan's book, The art of engagement Tells a story about three bricklayers. When everyone is asked, “What are you doing?” Their answers are similar but distinct. The first one said, "Look, I can't put one brick on top of another." The second bricklayer said: "Obviously, I am building a wall." The third person said: "I am building a big one." The church encourages people to make great deeds in the coming centuries.” Clearly, the third bricklayer is the most active or active, and sees the connection between his work and his influence. Others are just working until the exit time. Therefore, it works with those who work in human services.

• If they think they are part of something important, they will perform better.

• They want to feel like they are a bigger career than themselves

• They want to know that their contribution will have a major impact

• They want to see their specific work as part of achieving a meaningful life.

So what do we have to do as a personal leader in order for our organization to let our employees build this connection for themselves? Jim Hauden suggested that we check our role to find these five behaviors:

1. Make sure employees don't feel overwhelmed. This is different from hard work. The work I need most often is my favorite job. The feeling of being overwhelmed is closely related to the concept of failure. This is the reason we usually know about burnout.

2. Help employees understand the connection between their work and organizational mission. If they don't get them, they can't make a contribution.

Drive away fear. Fear hinders performance. When employees feel that their work is not taken seriously, they will be cautious and afraid to let their enthusiasm shine at work. They need a safe place to speak and come up with new methods. They need to be able to disagree without being called troublemakers. Too many forms increase fear.

As a leader, face the reality; pay attention to what really happens. The staff will admire you. Listen to the opinions of frontline staff; they know what will or will not work. When a problem arises, the leader must take responsibility; it is easy to point the finger at someone else under the totem pole.

5. Let employees fully understand the situation. Leaders need to do more communication; talk about the major issues facing the organization; and gather ideas about how each employee contributes to solving difficult challenges. Don't criticize employees by asking for questions that are strictly related to the tasks they are assigned to.

Sam Walton once said, “Outstanding leaders will do their utmost to improve their self-esteem. Once we evaluate our behavior as a leader, it is time to look at the culture of our organization to determine what value is being improved. :

• Training and career development

• Ongoing performance evaluation; not once a year

• Good supervision

• Communication


• Equality and fairness

• Competitive compensation and benefits

• Family friendly working atmosphere

• Healthy and safe working environment

Does your organization's culture promote these values? Not sure, ask the people around you: above you, under you… your companion. If culture does not deliberately promote these values, what changes can you make tomorrow?

Larry Wenger

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